How to Pick a Tattoo Artist

How to pick a tattoo artist

Finding your tattoo master is not an easy task. You need to consider many subtleties and nuances in order not to be mistaken. Various means are good for searching, among them: the traditional word of mouth, communication on forums and social networks and local search in your area. On the Internet, you can find examples … Read more

How To Get A Tattoo In Thailand

Getting tattoo in Thailand

Every year, Thailand is visited by a huge number of people. Many of the tourists are going to get a tattoo in this country and it’s Thailand that remains one of the most popular country among tattoo lovers. The high demand for this service, as is characteristic of the market, generated an increased supply from … Read more

How to Get Tattoo Safely Without Health Risks

After a long time to decide whether or not to get a tattoo,  and even longer period to decide on the body part comes the moment to design the tattoo followed by the stage of choosing the tattoo parlor. Marked by the date and time and behold, finally, come the big day! You ready to … Read more

Infographics: The Truth About Tattoos

lets learn about tattoos

Want to learn some real facts about the tattoo world history in America? In this beautiful infographic you will find some thought-provoking and even jaw-dropping information about the formation and construction of the tattoos lifestyle. What was the origin of the first tattoo? How was it made? How it actually penetrates the skin and “sticks” … Read more