Slinging Ink on Skin & Paper

Black Pearl Gallery tattoo artists.jpeg

The tattoo industry has broadened its capital avenues. Now reality television series, touring, and the service alone have provided an infectious trend. A tattoo dynasty in the midwest branded Black Pearl Gallery has created an enterprise of urban art. The company was established in 1995 in downtown St. Louis Mo. umbrellas a tattoo parlor, BPENT … Read more

Alessandro Capozzi Tattoo Artist

The world of fine art and celebrity tattooists, don’t often collide unless of course, you are talking about the extremely talented young artist, Alessandro Capozzi. This terrifyingly talented progeny has been developing his unique brand of ultra-modern tattoo work, fused with his deep understanding of the classical art since he was the new kid on … Read more

Skin Deep / Art to Author

Straight out the Gateway city of St. Louis stands a tattoo studio like no others. The name of the company is Pearl Gallery, a 25 year business located in the downtown area, which umbrellas a tattoo parlor, a recording studio, and an entertainment company. The infrastructure consists of the Page family. The founder Roland Sato … Read more

Tattoo Artist Salary – What Is An Expected Salary Range Of A Tattoo Artists

Well, there are many people who always search out the income of professionals in different fields and careers. Moving into the tattoo arts category, there are numerous artists, who are heavily paid for their outstanding artistic work after tattooing became very popular in different regions of the world, especially European and American countries. A tattoo … Read more

How To Begin A Tattoo Artist Career Using Cheap Tattoo Kits (2021 Updated)

When planning to set up a tattoo business, it is advisable to have an affordable tattoo kit so that the required equipment, is present. Having the right tattoo kits ensures that the upcoming tattoo artists are not overwhelmed in situations where they need to carry out a certain procedure and due to the lack of … Read more

Artist Hotspot: Kim Papanatos

This tattoo artist, which studio placed in The Hague, Netherlands, use the new style of interpenetrating engraving and woodcuts and it’s looks great. The tattoos looks highly artistic and superb quality of work. Defenetly high class. Can it be done with white ink? 🙂 There is also this amazing a movie series that named as … Read more