What Tattoo Equipment Do You Need to Start Tattooing Practice Skins?

What Tattoo Equipment Do You Need to Start Tattooing Practice Skins

If you’re new to tattooing, jumping right on to real skin can result in a few regrettable designs. This is why tattoo artists have created silicone practice skins. It mimics the feel of human skin closely enough that you can build your skills before making a permanent mark on yourself or others. So, what do … Read more

How To Build a Tattoo Artist Website

How To Build a Tattoo Artist Website

Every business needs an online presence on the Internet today, and, it also applies to tattoo shops because creating a website gives you the ability to increase sales and the profitability of your tattoo studio. Most tattoo artists use social media to showcase their work, but using a website is more of a professional approach, … Read more

All About Salon Chairs For Your Tattoo Parlour

All About Salon Chairs For Your Tattoo Parlour

People usually go to the salon to feel comfortable and relaxed. When you open a tattoo parlor, it is important to consider all aspects of salon services to offer your clients the best experience including the parlor equipment, ambiance, salon staff, and more. Upon entering the salon to be served, it is important to make … Read more

7 Questions to Ask Before Expanding Your Own Tattoo Studio

questions to ask before expanding your tattoo studio

Well done! You did it, you’ve got your tattoo studio off the ground, and it’s time to call shots for what’s next to come. Almost every studio faces this dilemma, yet there isn’t a hard and fast formula that guarantees a thriving outcome. No two studios are alike, and to be honest, there isn’t a … Read more

What You Need to Know About Fine Art and Tattoos

What you need to know about fine art and tattoos

The world of tattoos is constantly changing and evolving, with innovative techniques being developed while the last year was a fantastic year for tattoos in particular, as we got to see an abundance of new artists emerging through social media platforms. Whether you were looking for glittery, girly neo-traditional tattoo work, horror-themed stick n pokes, … Read more

Keeping Your Beard In Shape: 6 Easy Tips To Manage Your Beard

Keeping Your Beard In Shape

It doesn’t take much to grow a beard, but making it worthy to tag along wherever you go is not as simple. Just like anything else you do in terms of styling, such as the hair on your head, your beard requires some attention as well. Otherwise, you are going to give the impression that … Read more

E-onsale Deluxe Tattoo Kit 2 Tattoo Machine Guns Review (2023 Updated)

It takes a special person to see the beauty that can be held within a drawing on a person’s body. That is the vision that an inspired tattoo artist has. Of course, it is important to the artist that they have the best quality materials to work with in order to provide the best-looking work. … Read more

CARVER Tattoo Kit With 4 Machine Guns And Power Supplies Review (2023 Updated)

Pirate Face Tattoo has created a kit that is great for those that are new to the tattoo world, while also appealing to the apprentices and professional artists as well. If you are looking for an all-in-one kit that is great to take on the go the CARVER Tattoo Kit with Four Machine Guns is … Read more

Tattoo Machine Kit With 6 Guns By Fancier S-T06 (2023 Updated)

Who can decide on one of the best tattoo machines for tattoo beginners? Many people form a personal preference on the type of tattoo guns they own and can recommend to others. The Six Gun Tattoo Kit by Fancier S-T06 is one of those.It’s good for both the amateur and professional alike. The Fancier S-T06 kit … Read more