What You Need to Know About Fine Art and Tattoos

What you need to know about fine art and tattoos

The world of tattoos is constantly changing and evolving, with innovative techniques being developed while the last year was a fantastic year for tattoos in particular, as we got to see an abundance of new artists emerging through social media platforms. Whether you were looking for glittery, girly neo-traditional tattoo work, horror-themed stick n pokes, … Read more

How To Get Tattoo Apprenticeship And Become A Tattoo Artist (2023 Updated)

So, are you dreaming of becoming a tattoo artist? With the changing trends and traditions of people, modern society is going to adapt or rather has already adapted to the new culture, which according to many people is truly loved and well-admired. Most people like body piercing and tattooing and this—in some way or the … Read more