How to do Black Henna Tattoos?

Much is known about the remarkable properties of natural henna as a temporary tattoo ingredient: it’s safe, affordable, easy to use and allows us to achieve rich natural colors with amazing temporary tattoo designs and disappear after a couple of weeks like it was never there.

However, it is not that easy to select a quality black henna tattoo set and apply it correctly. Let’s learn how to do it.

black henna tattoo on hands design

Picking a proper henna black paste for your tattoo

High quality henna supplies should come from a known manufacturer with proper labeling , expiration date and ingredient list, but most importantly – the product must be bought from a know and reliable shop! It will decrease the chances to for a fake or not natural product instead of a proper black henna powder.

The more the powder is pulverized, the better the color will appear and the easier it will be to apply the henna tattoo paste on your body.

Fresh dry henna powder always has a gray-green color. More reddish powder indicates that the hinna is old and it’s quality is poor.

Avoid a totally black henna, which usually contains chemical impurities. Look for a henna with a bright green color in the form of finely ground powder. Generally, the brighter the color of powder, the better the coloring properties and the better black henna ink you will have.

How to make black henna tattoo paste?

A large batch of henna powder (about 100g) would require about 30ml of pure essential oil (such as Eucalyptus), 1/2 cup of lemon juice (mixes better when the lemon juice is warm), some distilled water in room temperature and 2 sugar tablespoons. For smaller batches just divide the amounts up equally.

It’s pretty simple process. Just mix the black henna ink powder with the ingredients until a thick paste is formed. Leave it covered with plastic wrap for 30 minutes. Unwrap, mix it a bit again and it’s ready to use.

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black henna ink tattoo designs on foot

Preparing your skin for henna tattooing

After you learned how to make black henna, we need to prepare our skin. First of wall, wash the area you going to apply the henna tattoo on.

Secondly, henna is absorbed in the top layer of skin, so, before applying you must prepare your skin with some scabbing or peeling. Ideally, the skin should be well steamed, with open pores so the henna black color can penetrate as deep as it can. It is recommended to remove any extra hair that you have on the area.

Finally, don’t forget to prepare a towel to immediately wipe any henna excesses. It’s always happens 🙂

Applying black henna ink on your skin

Now you will need a squeeze bottle, tips of different sizes and one straight pin. Once you have the henna blend, put it in the squeeze bottle and let it sit for at least one hour.

Start with applying the henna paste while easily squeezing the bottle. Change the tips if needed. Got crazy with your tattoo designs 🙂

We look forward to when the henna design will be completely dry, it will take about 20-30 minutes. To make sure the hinna will not dry out or crack, spray a special mix of water, lemon juice and sugar- just pour it into a jar spray and periodically apply it on the tattoo. For best results, don’t touch the henna art for about 2 hours and after that spray the lemon mix on it.

After drying, gently scrape off the remaining henna with a wooden toothpick. Do not wash the henna black ink with water! Try to avoid water treatment for 3-4 hours so the henna design can be better manifested.

And remember, at first, the image will be orange. But after 4 hours figure will begin to darken. After 1-2 days the black henna tattoo will be dark as you wanted.

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henna black chest tattoo design

Helpful hints and suggested henna tattoo supplies

Number of general tips to take better care of your tattoo:

  • Prior to any contact with water, wipe the henna drawing with a small amount of vegetable oil.
  • Try not to visit the baths and saunas, and in general, not to steam the skin. Or your black henna ink will be ruined.
  • Avoid contact with aggressive detergents, cleaning and washing dishes – only with gloves!
  • Do not rub the henna tattoo- any action will remove the top layer of dead skin cells and together with it and will remove your tattoo.

Suggested black henna tattoo kits and supplies:

  • First of all, make your purchases only on Amazon. It’s the safest store, with reliably shipping and payer protection.
  • For a recommended henna tattoo powder, you can use Silk & Stone 100% pure & natural henna powder.
    A 100% pure Henna (lawsonia inermis) powder, high in lawsone content, preservative free, no chemicals, no parabens, gluten free, vegan, not tested on animals. Top quality henna kit you can use safely for your art.
  • As an henna tattoo essential oil, we suggesting Lavender essential oil (Kashmir), a 100% pure & natural .
    It’s 100% pure, authentic and natural Kashmir Lavender essential oil steam distilled without any fillers or additives.
  • For the squeeze bottle and the tips you can use this 1 oz Applicator bottles – Qty 2, 10 tips, a highly rated and recommended tattoo tips & bottle set.
  • For henna art inspiration, you got this amazing design book by Marty Noble called Mehndi Designs: Traditional Henna Body Art. #1 Best seller on Amazon.

With those henna accessories, you learned how to make black henna art by yourself and can start to work on your first black henna tattoo immediately! Don’t forget to tell us in the comments how it was 🙂

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