Write For Us: Guest Post Guidelines

Tattoos Spot is giving an opportunity to our readers, bloggers and tattoo professionals to share their expertise and interests with the Tattoos Spot community. We are looking for experts and enthusiasts in any tattoo related topic to write for us such as tattoo artists and professionals, tattoo convention organizers, designs and inspiration creators, producers of tattoo aftercare and equipment, fashion and lifestyle that could relate to the vibe and many more.

General Guidelines

The material must be well-written and we allow only original and unique content. Don’t try contacting us if you plan to resubmit an already existing material. We don’t care about the post’s length. As long as it’s good, however long or short it is, it’s fine.

You don’t have to be a writer or a professional author by occupation. Have something interesting and unique to say about tattoos, lifestyle, fashion and more? Feel free to contact us we will assist you.

As for publishing excerpts from the article you submitted, it’s possible along with a link to the full version on our site. You must include the following text at the beginning of your excerpt: This post was originally published [link to the full article on Tattoos Spot]

We do not permit non-authors to republish articles elsewhere, regardless of the amount of material they plan to republish.

As we said, if you have something unique to write about, information, data, news, statistics, reviews, feel free to contact us!

Or, you can just drop a message for us here:

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