How To Get Tattoo Apprenticeship And Become A Tattoo Artist (2023 Updated)

So, are you dreaming of becoming a tattoo artist? With the changing trends and traditions of people, modern society is going to adapt or rather has already adapted to the new culture, which according to many people is truly loved and well-admired.

Most people like body piercing and tattooing and this—in some way or the other—has become a new trend and style. Well, tattooing is really famous in European, African, and American countries, and most teenagers and young adults like stylish tattoos on their bodies. If you like to learn how to tattoo, then you can follow two direct ways to do it that will eventually cross each other.

ami james tattoo professional artist
Ami James Tattoo Artist

The first step to becoming a tattoo artist is to buy a tattoo kit and try to make different tattoos without having previous experience with fake tattoo skin and even fruits. It’s a great way to learn and practice your tattooing skills, but now, we want to talk about getting an apprenticeship with the already mastered tattoo artist. A good tattoo kit for starters we can recommend is the Fancier S-T06, you can find a review of the kit here.

So, the second way is to visit an experienced tattoo artist and learn from him how to do it professionally. The latter is known as a tattoo apprenticeship. It’s very easy to find tattoo artists but you must have to find an experienced one. There are many fraudulent and low-level tattoo artists, who will waste your time and money and run away leaving you alone. Don’t become the victim of such “experts”.

Always search out for a genuine tattoo professional for your tattooing apprenticeship and it’s even better to have some person who is familiar with the tattooing world while having the conversation. It is also recommended to ask for recommendations on forums centered on the tattooing profession, acquaintances, and colleagues.

An experienced tattoo artist that you want to be his apprentice, is the one who has at least five years of tattooing experience. If anyone has more than that, it is your luckiest day to find such an experienced tattoo artist. So, your mission starts with finding a tattoo artist in your area and then being selected to proceed with a short tattoo apprenticeship there.

Well, an experienced tattoo artist or a tattoo master would never allow you to visit his or her shop for a few weeks or months and just see what’s happening all around. The proper channel is to come and learn the basic things first. When you’ll complete doing this, you will be shifted to the tattoo kit to have some hands-on experience with it. Learning the tattoo mastery process usually takes about 2 years (yet, it depends on each individual design and tattling skill).

In order to become a professional tattoo artist and get a proper tattooing apprenticeship, you need to prepare a portfolio showing your best design and artwork. Let’s see it this way if you’re trying to find out the best tattoo artists to teach you, that tattoo artist has the right to find someone able and talented. So, your portfolio plays the role here for you. Make it unique, attractive, and put in your best work to maximize your chances to get accepted by your preferred tattoo master. It is always better to find a free (free of charge), or even paid, tattoo apprenticeship. But don’t hesitate to pay if you won’t have other options.

corey miller tattoo artist
Corey Miller Tattoo Master

If you need specific tattoo kit recommendations, check out our article on how to begin a tattoo artist career with an affordable tattoo kit. The last imperative tip for you before the apprenticeship is to sign a written contract and demand an apprenticeship certificate from your tattoo artist at the end of it. It’s important and will solve possible issues if the will arise in the future. Good luck and you, of course, can comment on any question or suggestion.

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