How To Build a Tattoo Artist Website

Every business needs an online presence on the Internet today, and, it also applies to tattoo shops because creating a website gives you the ability to increase sales and the profitability of your tattoo studio. Most tattoo artists use social media to showcase their work, but using a website is more of a professional approach, and at some point in time, you must have one. But, as a tattoo artist, you can’t have all the time to learn programming and design and, you need to find a way to create a site efficiently without consuming too much time and energy.

If you plan on creating a tattoo artist website for yourself, using the WordPress platform is a good option. This article gives insight and the perfect way to build your tattoo or piercing parlor website. Remember that you must take several points into account when you decide to get yours. Before we dive into building a website, let us highlight issues to consider.

  1. Define your target audience.
  2. Set goals, mission, vision, and more.
  3. Determine the corporate colors.
  4. Understand the behavior of the public.
  5. Have a name for the page (it can be the name you have assigned in your tattoo studio).

Steps to Creating a Tattoo Website

Getting a professional web developer can be an easy bailout for building a website. Sometimes, the cost might not be too friendly, which results in creating one yourself. We make a step-by-step of all the information you need to know before building the website.

Define the route for your website

Decide the purpose of your business. There can be many, but you must specify the most important ones so that you can determine the objective of your website and why you are doing it; for example:

  • Sell ​​the services you provide.
  • Get the attention of others with blogs, images, or videos.
  • Upload content of the work you do in your studio.
  • Increase traffic.

We recommend that you decide on one or more objectives so that you can continue with more ideas than what you want to reflect on your website.

Register the domain name

As soon as you have established the purposes, you must continue with the domain registration of your page. You must come up with a striking name or if it is the case, leave the one you already have. This point can be a somewhat complex task to do, and that is why we compile some tips that can help you:

  • Think of potential names.
  • Find a domain checker.
  • Choose the name that best suits what you do.

In addition to the point above, we suggest the following:

  • We recommend that it be .com since the TLD is the most popular and therefore your clients will remember it more easily.
  • Try to keep the name short and as striking as possible, so your clients will avoid writing your name on paper or their mobile, but take it into account.
  • Forget and put aside the use of hyphens and numbers that will only make it difficult to remember. Also, imagine your clients memorizing the name of your business, the numbers, and others; it is a bit complex task, right?

Choose the corporate colors

The moment you start to design your web page, you must be clear about the colors you will use. You can use images and videos, and all this must be in the appropriate formats. Remember that everything is elementary and essential for what you want to transmit about your business, so we advise you that everything you have prepared to upload to the page is according to what you sell and offer.

  • Choose the colors that are most in line with the brand’s values.
  • Determine the typography of your website.
  • Choose the design you want for your fan page.

After getting these three steps in place, the next thing to do is decide on the platform for the website setup. There are numerous platforms to choose from when building a website. Some platforms are WordPress, Format, Pixpa, Blogger, etc. Thanks to these WordPress themes for tattoo professionals, you can give your tattoo website an attractive and professional makeover.

Themes to Build a Tattoo Artist Website on WordPress

We recommend you use the WordPress platform because it is easy for any person with or without prior experience in programming. You have to visit the web page and sign up to start your website. After signing up, you get to select the themes you would love your website to be shown. Remember you have chosen a corporate color for your website; you should make sure the theme aligns with the color. The following are the perfect WordPress theme for your tattoo artist website:


Illuminati is an easy-to-use premium WordPress theme. It helps to create a website for any tattoo parlor easily. It is a perfect solution for tattoo artists of any skill or experience level looking for a modern and light platform to promote their expertise.

Its setup is straightforward and fast, thanks to many page templates that you can use to get started quickly. If the look or feel of these pages is not too much for your taste, you can still customize them through the control panel that includes powerful tools that make this customization accessible to anyone.


This tattoo parlor WordPress theme looks lovely in black and white and will help you construct the perfect website for your salon. It comes with Power Page Builder and Live Customizer to give you complete freedom in customizing your website.

The code is optimized, making it easy to use with different search engines and browsers, allowing potential customers to enjoy intuitive navigation of your website, no matter what device or platform they are using.

Tattoo shop

Although this name evokes much more than an online store, the WordPress Tatoo Shop theme is one of the options on this list that you will have to go through to check it a little more and make a decision that can bring success to your tattoo parlor.

The amount of demos it offers natively is relatively small, but it’s done on purpose, to be left up to you to show your creativity. Thanks to professional tools, this WordPress theme will give you complete control of your website to customize each section.

Tattoo Pro

Tattoo Pro is a premium WordPress theme designed to help you rapidly build a website for a tattoo shop. The flexibility of its design provided by the Visual Composer plugin will allow you to customize this WordPress theme easily.

If you intend to present certain tattoos for sale, this WordPress theme is equipped with WooCommerce Plugin. It allows you to create a robust internet store. Other plugins and nothing less accompany it to help you create a modern and professional website.

Creative tattoo

Suppose you have a tattoo parlor and want to expand the reach or reputation of the latter. The WordPress Creative Tatoo theme, which is both modern and professional, will be the appropriate solution. It comes with a remarkable design that will add an extra touch to your website.

You can manage your customization through a control panel that is easy for any beginner to master. This WordPress template is fully responsive and displays perfectly on any screen. It can serve as a portfolio website or blog, covering topics related to current tattoo trends.


Once you have your website, it is time to spread it and make it known to others to know what you do and your talent.

  • Promote it through social networks: these media are widely used because of their reach with their users. That is why many decide to use them to launch their website and reach potential customers.
  • There are many ways to launch your website, one of them is to make it known in your tattoo studio, such as talking about it, distributing advertising, etc.
  • If you want your clients to book an appointment at your tattoo studio, you can offer them the page as an option to book a session with you without having to call you or come to your studio.

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