The Guide to Cartilage Hoop Earrings for Starters

Once upon a time, cartilage earrings were reserved for individuals that loved trying unique looks! However, now plenty of diverse designs have helped everyone add unanticipated glistening to their ears. If you are considering a cartilage piercing, here is all you need to know about cartilage hoop earrings and how to find a style that suits you. 

Cartilage Hoop Earrings 

Cartilage hoop earrings are a rage these days! If you didn’t know already, cartilage refers to a connective tissue type, which makes up the upper sections of your ear. It is tougher than regular skin but not as tough as bone. Instead, it is softer. It is even a lot thicker than your earlobes, making it a good place to have multiple ear piercings. So, there is a great variety of cartilage earrings available out there. 

In many ways, cartilage piercing earrings are even more diverse than regular earrings.

Generally, they are thinner, because a smaller gauge bar is going to be used for piercing the cartilage. Likewise, the wearable barbell’s length going through the cartilage is undersized than regular earrings due to the diminutive spaces around the upper area of your ears. 

An array of unique styles have been created by both body jewelry specialists as well as bespoke jewelers that you can buy and get caught on the growing trend. Before getting to the styles, we need to initially know how the cartilage piercings are done and where the earrings can be worn. 

Cartilage Piercing – How is it done?

Cartilage is harder than your earlobes, which makes it more susceptible to twinging. This is the reason the cartilage ought to just be pierced with a needle and not with a piercing gun. 

Through your earlobe, a piercing gun shoots an earring to pierce it. Though the earrings are sharp, they are not as sharp as a needle. The gun’s force and your cartilage’s resistance can be a consequence of pain in the surrounding area. On the other hand, a needle is though sharper but is more precise. 

A hollow needle will be used by your piercer for puncturing your ear and inserting your opted earring into the piercing. After inserting the earring in, it is supposed to stay in until the piercing is healed outright. It can take from three months to one year, which accounts for the reason you must put a lot of effort into the earring style purchased by you. 

Cartilage Hoop Earrings 

The best earrings for your cartilage piercings are cartilage hoop earrings. These are easy to wear and can be removed without much ado. So, if you have fresh piercings, getting these earrings will save you from a lot of hassle and pain. Also, there is no tugging of the ear as they won’t get stuck in your clothes. 


These earrings are available in different sizes and you can buy them as per your requirement. If you want multiple cartilage hoops, you can buy the smaller sizes that fit snugly on your cartilage. However, if you want just one or two, you can go for bigger ones. 


The cartilage hoop earrings are available in plain designs as well as embedded ones. You will find hoops that have stones or diamonds studded from end to end or ones that only have one or two of them in the middle. The design choice also depends on your style and choice. 


There is no limit to the types of material the cartilage hoop earrings are available in. You can find them in gold, silver, platinum, white gold, and other synthetic materials. You can also find such earrings in hypoallergenic materials as well. 

With this guide, it might get a little easier to know what kind of cartilage earrings you need for you. If you are looking for hoop earrings, this guide is your go-to! 

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