Europe’s Tattoo Artists Fear Over EU New Tattoo Ink Bans

Europes tattoo artists fear for future after EU ink ban

A new EU law, which went into effect on January 2022, bans the use of many types of inks that contain substances that are considered hazardous. Tattoo parlors are angry and fear for the future of the industry: “What will we work with?”. The union replies: “You had a year to prepare”. Tattoo artists in … Read more

Getting A Tattoo Vs. Removing A Tattoo

Getting A Tattoo Vs Removing A Tattoo

It’s bound to happen. An estimated 145 million Americans have tattoos. When that many are served, occasionally someone is going to pull away from the drive-thru with a fish sandwich when they ordered a cheeseburger. Polling suggests 19% of those getting tattoos regret the decision. Even though 2% of those inked go through the removal … Read more

Aspects of Personal Life to Commemorate with Tattoos

Aspects of personal life to commemorate with tattoos A tattoo is a deeply personal, lasting reminder about something in one’s life. The entire reason that people get inked is so that they have a way to mark themselves with a permanent piece of art to show off or look at themselves. Some of them are bold and serious, some of them are trite, and others are incredibly unique. What we’re going to look at is how tattoos have become such personal elements of a person’s life and what sorts of tattoos people should think about getting. Why tattoo is a good and lasting reminder No doubt, often people are driven by instant impulses or aesthetic considerations when getting tattoos. Nevertheless, there are many others, including visitors of this page, who express the idea that tattoo often symbolizes a new beginning or change in their life. Tattoos are a great reminder because they are permanent. Once they are on your skin, it is very difficult to remove one of these pieces of artwork. Why is a tattoo such a lasting reminder, though? It’s a form of art that is etched into a person’s skin with a bit of discomfort and with the knowledge that it will remain on one’s body forever. Thus, the emotional reasons for getting a tattoo are reinforced by the physical experience of getting a tattoo. Most people never forget the tattooing process and what it means to them. Aspects to commemorate When you are considering getting a tattoo, you need to understand the kinds of things that people believe are worth commemorating. We have come up with a list of some of the common tattoos that people want to get and why they are so important. If you’re looking to get some starter ideas for a tattoo, these ideas are a good place to start. • Special song lyrics, poems, or sayings Everyone has some lyrics that resonate in their life or a personal saying that reminds them of what is important. Getting these lyrics inked into your skin could be a fantastic way to help keep you motivated toward reaching the goals that you set for yourself. • Dates Several dates throughout the year will be an important thing for you to remember. You might have gained a significant other on a certain day, married the love of your life, or had a child born. You want to remember these days and make sure that you could never forget them. That is a great reason to get a tattoo put on your body. You can get everything from birthdays to the day that you met your life goals inked on you while also including art pieces to make them more special. • Names A lot has been said about people that get the name of their significant other inked on their body. Whether or not you agree with that, you can still get names of people that will never leave you behind, including your kids and close relatives. • Portraits Another kind of tattoo that you might want to get is a portrait. These are pictures of family members, friends, individuals in entertainment, and more. These require the skill of a great tattoo artist to make them turn out well, so make sure you invest time in picking the greatest one for your needs. Couple tattoo ideas to consider More and more couples are finding that it is fun to get matching tattoos. That way, you can go through the experience together and commemorate the times you spent together. Some couples share a serious hobby with one another. As a result, they might want to get a tattoo that reflects that, such as riding motorcycles. Other couples like the same animals and want those as their tattoos. Some couples have children that they want to commemorate by getting the same ink on their bodies. Others just want to share something like a puzzle piece so that their partner knows that they complete them. Getting a tattoo as a member of a relationship is a fun adventure, but it is one that requires a lot of forethought. While you may want to get someone’s name on you willy nilly, you have to remember that tattoos are meant to last forever. Moreover, they are incredibly hard to remove once you have them on you. So, put some thought into any couple’s tattoos you get, so there are no feelings of regret. Tattoos are incredible pieces of work that anyone can get as long as they meet the legal requirements. The stigma surrounding tattoos is almost at an end in many parts of the world, and people that have corporate jobs even have them. If you have a good idea for something that would look good as an art accessory on your body, then you should consider meeting with a tattoo artist and seeing what you can come up with!

A tattoo is a deeply personal, lasting reminder about something in one’s life. The entire reason that people get inked is so that they have a way to mark themselves with a permanent piece of art to show off or look at themselves. Some of them are bold and serious, some of them are trite, … Read more

10 Things to Know Before Your First Tattoo

These days everyone probably knows someone who has a tattoo. They have grown in popularity over the years and are no longer frowned upon as much. While earlier they represented someone who is a tough person or is a rebel, today people get tattoos to preserve a special memory or to honor something they care … Read more