The 6 Important Things Before Getting a Tattoo

You have always dreamed of getting a permanent tattoo but do you need advice and information that would allow you not to miss it and to get the perfect tattoo for you? You are on the right article. Thanks to this piece you will know the mistakes not to make and the good gestures and the things that you could forget. Here is a summary of the 6 things you need to do before you can do it.

1. Know your tattoo artist and have confidence

To get a beautiful tattoo you must trust the person and the tattoo supply he uses, and to whom you are going to give one of the most complicated tasks of your life, i.e. “writing” on your skin. The best way to do it is to go over the artist’s work portfolio be it in printed form, Instagram page, Pinterest profile and etc. Also, it’s worth establishing some friendship connections just so that you will be able to be on a more friendly note, and not just a customer-supplier relationship.

2. Don’t get a tattoo too quickly

The worst thing to do when getting a tattoo is to rush to get it done which would inevitably lead to making easy mistakes or getting a tattoo on a whim which is the worst: engrave on your skin the first name of a woman or a man (other than your parents) for example and then leave your partner one day only to realize that his first name will remain forever in your skin what a disappointment!

3. Get a tattoo in a small area for allergies

For allergy risks, a tattoo artist must test a small portion of his ink on his future client to avoid poisoning him, in which case it could be a direct emergency or bloodshed. But don’t worry, the tattoo artist’s job is often synonymous with safety and with the proper and reliable tattoo needle cartridge for your skin.

4. Do not copy someone’s style and tattoo

If there is a primordial rule in tattooing it is not to copy someone’s tattoo: a tattoo is something of your own that you cannot appropriate as a part of yourself and then even without this last rule the appropriation of the designer’s copyright can be punished by law.

5. Use a relieble tattto machine equipment

For a quality tattoo, you must be sure that a quality and reliable tattoo machine is used for your skin. In case it’s not accomplished, you can reach the point where redoing the tattoo is required, and the general quality of the tattoo is low. Be sure that a piece of known tattoo equipment is used for your artwork.

6. The imposing price of a good tattoo

To get a tattoo it is important to put a good price on it so that you can choose good color inks and the best tattoo artist in your area. Even for a small tattoo, it can be important to put in a good amount of money and especially leave a tip if the work was well done, and according to your requirements and expectations.

That’s all we can wish you since we won’t be there on D-day and we support this action despite the difficulties previously mentioned. In case you are still not sure about getting a permanent tattoo, you can always go with a temporary tattoo design, until you are ready to get a real one. We wish you courage, and thank you for reading!

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