Top 13 Beautiful Elephant Tattoo Styles

Due to their powerful symbolism, these majestic giants of the animal kingdom are among one the most popular tattoo choices. Moreover, elephants easily fit into a variety of tattoo styles because they are some of the most recognizable animals on Earth. Find beautiful and unique ideas for your next tattoo with these 13 powerful and meaningful elephant design styles.

1. Small Elephant Tattoo

Even though elephants are some of the world’s largest animals, a small tattoo can be perfect for your first. They are recognizable because of their appearance. Small tattoos are one of the most versatile options available since they can be placed almost anywhere on the body – from your wrist to your shoulder, back, ribs, or one of the most common, behind the ear.

Small Elephant Tattoo

2. One Line Elephant Tattoo

Tattoos can be elaborate or simple, depending on the individual. An elephant tattoo is a great choice if you prefer a minimal style or in this case, in a one-line illustration. Make inking simpler by designing them in a single line creating this beautiful and unique abstract elephant tattoo figure. 

One Line Elephant Tattoo

3. Elephant Family Tattoo

Just like humans, elephants take care of their families. In addition to living together for years, they have unbreakable bonds with their babies and even visit the graves of departed family members. A tattoo of an elephant family is particularly meaningful because of these qualities. This type of elephant inking is suitable for guys who are committed to their families.

Elephant Family Tattoo

4. Elephant Head Tattoo

The most popular shape for elephant tattoos is just the head. Elephants are instantly recognizable because of their ears and trunk, making your tattoo stand out. You can choose a more detailed design because your artist will only have to work on one element – the head. You can achieve unique elephant heads by drawing, painting, or reviving the old-school craze.

Elephant Head Tattoo

5. Elephant Outline Tattoo

Elephant tattoo designs in outline silhouette style are very popular. These tattoos are minimal and modern, and they also require no shading or details, so they’re very fast to apply. Whether large or small, elephant outlines look spectacular no matter where they are tattooed on. Ankles, backs, and forearms are all possible areas.

Elephant Outline Tattoo

6. Indian Elephant Tattoo

Indian culture holds great respect for elephants, and there are thousands of Asian elephants that reside within the country. Elephants were traditionally decorated with jewels, paint, and fabric, and rode by kings. Incorporate Indian patterns of art and symbols into your elephant tattoo design to give it a unique and sophisticated look.

Indian Elephant Tattoo

 7. Watercolor Elephant Tattoo

Colorful, eye-catching watercolor tattoos always draw attention for the reason that they’re so vibrant. If you’re tattooing it on your forearm or shoulder, choose bright colors like turquoise, magenta, yellow, and indigo for it to stand out. It will surely turn heads when you have a sleeveless shirt on. 

Watercolor Elephant Tattoo

8. Realistic Elephant Tattoo

Being one of the most sophisticated, photorealistic tattoos have grown in popularity. It’s one of the best options for people who want a tattoo that would represent an elephant as accurately as possible. A realistic style requires more skill and technique than other types of tattoos, so if you want a large piece, you should hire an experienced tattoo artist. The reference photo must also be crystal clear to capture the most detail.

Realistic Elephant Tattoo

9. Geometric Elephant Tattoo

It’s been several years since the trend of adding geometric elements to tattoos has only grown. Shapes, lines, and symbols that have an angular appearance add a touch of modernism, and futurism to any design. Animals look especially striking when used alongside them. Geometric elephant tattoos come in several different forms, but all have a unique twist.

Geometric Elephant Tattoo

10. Elephant Hand Tattoo

It is easy to extend the trunk of an elephant down a finger which makes them a popular choice for hand. The trunk of the element makes it the more interesting, lifelike appearance of the tattoo – and gives it a stylish touch if it extends to the middle finger. Men who love tattoos will love them on the hand as they are among the most painful to get.

Elephant Hand Tattoo

11. Elephant Thigh Tattoo

If you want a larger, more detailed piece that you can cover easily with clothes, then an elephant thigh tattoo is an excellent choice. You can design your thigh in a front-facing or side-facing manner, depending on the shape of your thighs. Tattoos on your thigh can also be less painful than if they’re inked on other parts of your body.

Elephant Thigh Tattoo

12. Elephant Foot Tattoo

As elephants symbolize success and overcoming obstacles, they are an ideal tattoo design for your feet. You’ll be reminded to keep walking forward as you get closer to your goals, and you’ll have a clear path to follow. Not only that, getting your foot tatted with an elephant’s family represents the foundation of life. 

Elephant Foot Tattoo

13. Elephant Back Tattoo

Men often opt for elephant tattoos on their backs, where they carry their heaviest burdens since elephants are considered strong symbols. Your back is the perfect place to get larger elephant tattoos. Having a wide and smooth canvas gives the artist the opportunity to create a piece that stands out and has plenty of details. It’s important to keep in mind that a mirror will be necessary for you to see your tattoo.

Elephant Back Tattoo

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