6 Tribal Foot Tattoo Designs

These days, where fashion and style are vital parts of our lives, tattoos can play a huge part in boosting your appearance and making you look more fashionable. In today’s society, especially for the new generation, tattoos have become one of the most influential fashionable items that increase their appearance and add to their identification. Tattoos are a form of modification on your skin that involves ink or some form of pigment for making a design on the skin. It is performed by inserting the ink or pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. The tattooing procedure includes the use of both indelible and temporary inks for both permanent and temporary results.

Advice For Getting A Foot Tattoo

It’s better to know a bit about tattooing styles that you are willing to apply to your foot. One thing is to choose the tattoo by checking its shape and size. It is always recommended to start small rather than go for a big one at first go to avoid any mistakes and carefully check the placement before putting the needle into the skin. But after you get it, it is highly recommended to focus on the healing process and provide your foot tattoo care procedure to avoid any infections.

Getting A Foot Tattoo And How Much Pain Is It

Getting your chosen favorite tattoo on your foot can be exciting. There are multiple options to choose from as to where on foot you want to put your tattoo. The top portion of the feet is a good part as it can openly display your tattoo. The ankle is also a good option, and even your fingers too to have small decorative tattoos. But before that, there are some things to keep in mind. A tattoo is a procedure that involves piercing the skin to get to the dermis layer to inject the ink, which can be painful. Getting a tattoo on your foot can be challenging, as most feet are just skin and bone and not much flesh to them.

Also, places of your body with more nerves tend to hurt more, and as your feet have more nerves, it can be painful. Fortunately, using medications and gels, your sensation in that area can be decreased temporarily. Although after getting it done, it is recommended to follow a tattoo aftercare routine. 

The Six Different Tribal Tattoos 

In many cases, a person may not simply want to have any good-looking tattoo but instead have a tattoo with meaning. Sometimes the solution could be a tribal tattoo, all of which have deep meaning and stunning design.

The Viking Tribal Foot Tattoo

Viking-style tattoo is probably the most famous old tattoo due to its widespread influence in modern media and shows. These tattoos are very powerful-looking, compelling, and have intimidating designs. These types of tattoos are popular among both males and females as they have symbolic looks and carry a sense of mystical meaning to them. Viking tattoos can be of many types and are generally symbol-based designs, and each of those symbols has its meaning. Such as the hammer known as Mjolnir is a symbol of power and courage, or the triple triangle known as the Valknut, or even Viking alphabets known as runes. As these types of tattoos are very famous and are strikingly bold in design, having such a tattoo on your foot would make you look bold and elegant.

Viking tribal foot tattoo

The Celtic Tribal Foot Tattoo

The Celtic tribe tattoo style can look very bold and aesthetic on your foot. Along with others, Celtic-style tattoos are among the most popular in the tattoo industry. The Celtic tattoos generally consist of knots, spirals, braids, and other labyrinth-like designs that look fantastic on your feet. Like most tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos are also symbols with meaning. These pattern designs that are connecting each other can represent many things. The symbol of Celtic Knot symbolizes the journey of life and death. The Celtic tree symbolizes strength and wisdom, and the Dara knot is the symbol of their sacred Oaktree. These are the kind of tattoos that will never go out of popularity, as this looking spiral pattern looks fantastic on your skin.

Celtic tribal foot tattoo

The Egyptian Tribal Foot Tattoo

If you ever had the fascination of having a tattoo that the Pharaohs wore, you have seen or known Egyptian tattoos. These symbols represent power and prestige, just as the Pharaohs had that rule, such as the eye, also known as the Eye of Horus or the Wedjat Eye, which symbolizes the well-being of health, protection, healing, and life. Other kinds of tattoos primarily include Egyptian Gods that are animal-faced. These symbols are very bold and fierce-looking and can influence you to give a very vivid look.

Egyptian tribal foot tattoo

The Native American Tribal Tattoo

Native American-style tattoos look like a wild traditional designs. These designs include stones and rock, sharpened bones, feathers, and skulls. These symbols were considered to be the representation of protection, healing, royalty, and accomplishment. They were also the representation of the guardian spirit emblem. These kinds of tattoos give you a very tribal look, and if you are looking for a wild version of it, a Native American tattoo would be the best option for you.

The Filipino Tribal Foot Tattoo

The Filipino style tattoo is one of the most common and famous in the tattooing industry. These tattoos are aesthetic and are formed of pattern-like design. These patterns represent bravery and courage of high status. These patterns can be of many types: curved, spiral, or some other continuous pattern. This kind of tattoo design is very famous and gives you a unique look on your feet.

The Hawaiian Tribal Foot Tattoo

The Hawaiian style is a continuous pattern design that gives you a beautiful wavy and curvy pattern on your foot that gives an exotic look to it. These patterns symbolize courage, bravery, sigh status, and strength. Applying this tattoo design to your foot gives you a unique exotic look.

Hawaiian tribal foot tattoo

Costing for Getting a Foot Tattoo

The expenses of tattooing can depend on the type of tattoo you choose and the number of times you make it. Regardless of that, on average, getting a regular foot tattoo from a good tattoo parlor may cost something between $150 and $300. To get the top of your foot covered with it may cost something like $300 to $400.

Following Proper Foot Tattoo Aftercare

After getting your foot tattoo, the priority is to take care of your feet by giving them a proper aftercare routine. It is essential to prioritize the healing process. It is better to use footwear to avoid sun exposure and not overdo it either, so maintaining proper timing over it. It’s always recommended to manage any form of swelling and keep your tattoo clean and moisturized by using tattoo moisturizers to avoid infection and other abnormalities. 

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