Tips For Choosing the Right Tattoo Design

A tattoo is basically a form of permanent body alteration in which a pattern is created by inserting pigments, ink, and colors, either temporary or permanent, into a body’s dermis layer. The procedure of making tattoos includes several steps. The first step is to choose a tattoo theme. After choosing the theme, the design process begins.

Selecting a Tattoo Design

When selecting a design, it is important to think about the location of the body area that will be covered. For instance, some people have a large back while others have an apple-shaped torso. Another person may opt for a tribal design, while another may select a heart-shaped symbol. These are just a few examples of decisions that based on that, a design can be chosen.

Also, it’s important to be sure that you match your required tattoo design style with the tattoo artist. It happens because there are different styles, and tattoo artists usually focus on a number of preferred tattoo designs that they prefer to do and excel at it as well. For example, some tattoo artists specialize in Japanese Dragon Koi fish tattoos, some in abstract tattoos, 3D tattoos, illusion tattoos, and etc.

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The Artist Work on the Design

As part of the process of getting a tattoo done, the tattoo artist will perform a tattoo design that is pre-designed and ready to be used. It is important to take time to consider your options before your artist arrives. For instance, you can opt for the stencil method to create a tattoo design. There are several types of stencils that you can choose from. These include colored and non-colored. Your artist may be able to recommend the best one for your design.

If you are not sure about the tattoo style or design you want to apply to your body, you can always find some inspiration on general art sites or even news sites. Everything can be used as an inspiration. Another tattoo (with changes!), mood, events, romance, family, quotes, and more (leave us a comment for more ideas). Also, you can look for tattoo artist blogs for interesting ideas and unique tattoo designs (but always change those, don’t use the designs of other tattoo artists directly!).

Temporary Tattoo Design

You can also to a temporary tattoo. Temporary tattoos can be easily removed once they fade. If the design that you have chosen to have tattooed onto your body is temporary, however, you must consider taking care of it after it is completed. Since tattoos fade in a few months, there is a possibility that they will not look as good when it has faded after you are finished with your treatment. This is why it is recommended that you clean your tattoo with mild soap and rinse it well prior to getting a treatment done. Another option to do a temporary is a henna tattoo, but it’s a bit different topic.

On the other hand, in choosing a permanent tattoo, you are essentially making a permanent decision. This decision will last a lifetime and you may also want to consider the cost. But, of course, if you are getting a tattoo because of the many benefits that come along with it, in our opinion, it outweighs its negative factors of it. We are a site dedicated to tattoos 🙂

Importance of the Tattoo Equipment

Once you have chosen a tattoo that you feel comfortable with, you should always find the best tattoo artist that uses the best tattoo kits. It’s important to check out the reviews that tattoo artists have posted on their own websites in order to see what kind of feedback they have garnered from previous clients.

You can also ask for references that your chosen artist has received, as well as those of his past and current clients. This will allow you to see how a tattoo artist works with a variety of clients and how good their skills really are.

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3 thoughts on “Tips For Choosing the Right Tattoo Design”

  1. It’s interesting to know that most tattoo artists also have their own specialized designs that they excel at. My husband and I both want our names inked on each other’s fingers, so I guess we have to find someone who’s good at calligraphy. Since his pain tolerance and mine aren’t also the same, I just hope that the pain would be tolerable especially on my part.

  2. I really appreciated your suggestion about asking for references from past and current clients when choosing a tattoo artist. Getting a tattoo has been a desire of mine for years now. I can’t wait to find the right artist that can bring my idea to life. There is no doubt that I will ask for some sketches and see what they’ve done that’s similar before.


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