Name of Your Significant Other as a Tattoo Idea: Pros and Cons

Have you actually considered getting a tattoo with your significant other’s name? Turns out, that lots of people do those these days but never think about the consequences. Having a name tattoo might seem interesting and cool, but it might also have negative effects on your life in general, especially if your relationship does not work out in the future.

Frequenters of believe that name tattoos won’t cool down the heat in the bed for casual partners but may pose serious problems for a long-term relationship. So, if you eventually split up with your partner, you might find it hard to start a new relationship because of your name tattoo. Now let’s discuss in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of getting a tattoo with your partner’s name.

Why Making Name Tattoos

People have their own different reasons for making name tattoos. Some of them think of it as a nice gesture, a creative way to show your love and respect to your beloved person. Others just like tattoos very much, but do not want to decorate their bodies with flowers and other symbols, so getting a name tattoo is a better option for them.

However, if you take interest in getting a tattoo, there are important things that you need to consider before you do it.
For example, if you have certain skin allergies or problems, it will not be a good idea to get a real inked name tattoo.
People mostly do it to prove their love at some point, but even when it is over, the tattoo cannot be removed.

Is it a Popular Trend?

As you may have had some observations, tattoos are gaining huge popularity lately. Relax, it is not like in the past anymore. Times have definitely changed and people no longer think that a tattooed person went to prison as they used to. Nothing like that!

People of all ages, including teenagers, now have all kinds of tattoos be it tattoos for sisters, Veni Vidi Vici, cross tattoos, and more, and never feel embarrassed about it. It has become a popular trend, and of course, everyone strives to follow the latest trends. If you want to be modern as well, you might consider getting a tattoo, but think carefully about whether you want it to be a name tattoo. It will stay forever on your skin, and if you and your significant other happen to break up, you will not be able to remove it. Well, they perform special tattoo removal procedures at present, but the results are not satisfying and they leave awful scars.

Pros of Getting a Name Tattoo

Lifetime Reminder

When you get a name tattoo, it will stay on your body for a lifetime. If you really value someone, this will be an excellent promise to love them forever. Everyone will surely appreciate such a big gesture like getting their name tattooed. In case you have such deep and honest feelings for somebody, do not hesitate to take this step, and get a unique lifetime reminder of your true love.

Additional Proof of Your Love

There are hundreds of ways to prove your love for someone, but getting a tattoo with their name is among the most creative ones. Except for being supportive in any situation, you can do this additional proof of your love, and make your partner immensely happy. It will not take much, you just have to find a reliable studio to get your lovely tattoo.

Good Way to Decorate Yourself with Another Tattoo

As you may have seen already, some people are huge fans of tattoos. They basically have all their bodies covered with diverse tattoos. Including your partner’s name in your body decorations will show them your love in a very unusual way.

Cons of Name Tattoos

Love May Not Last Forever

Unfortunately, not every relationship lasts for a long time. Unlike tattoos, love might not last forever. That is why you should be absolutely sure you want to get a name tattoo because there will be no coming back. Eventually, the tattoo might bring you painful memories every time you look at it.

Your Beloved One May Dislike Tattoos

You might be a huge fan of tattoos, but it is not necessarily valid for your partner. Before you get a real tattoo with the best possible tattoo artist and tattooing kit out there, you should definitely check with them, and find out how they feel about such permanent body decorations. If they are kind of disgusted by tattoos, you should comply with their opinion and give up this idea.

Zero Originality

As indicated above, getting name tattoos has become a popular trend. So, if you go get one, your beloved person might think you are just trying to be a part of the crowd. Name tattoos are no longer considered an original way to prove your love as everyone does them these days.


When you are so in love with your partner, it is only natural to look for creative ways to make a special promise and prove your love. Getting a name tattoo is a common and preferred way to impress your significant other, but sometimes it comes with a few drawbacks. First, tattoos might have some negative effects on your body and skin, and you should probably consult with a doctor before you actually do it.

And let’s not forget it is permanent. Nowadays, tattoo removal services are offered, but they are not so effective and leave bad scarring. And no matter how well things go, some couples just start having problems and split up at some point. If anything like that happens, not only will you have a number of painful memories while looking at your name tattoo, but it might affect your future relationships as well. Supposing you go for a casual hookup, no one will pay attention, but when it comes to a new serious relationship, your partner might not accept such a tattoo. Thereon, you should think about getting a name tattoo carefully, evaluate all pros and cons, and make the right decision.

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