How to Choose the Right Tattoo Design?

The desire to change is often associated with somebody’s decoration that we want to do. Today, many use tattoos as a means of expression and change and if you are going to take such a step, you should know how to choose the right tattoo.

It’s important to remember that images got a certain meaning and it’s applied for your whole life, and the choice should not be a fleeting one. As a general guide rule, it’s better to rely on your own feelings than on specific fashion, so that after a while, once the fashion pass, you will not be disappointed.

What should you rely on when choosing a tattoo?

  • Style. First, it’s recommended to choose the tattoo style, and then select a specific pattern. It’s recommended to consult with an experienced master, who will tell you the best option according to your preferences.
  • Place of application. Are you going to show the tattoo only to close people, or want it to be visible to others? To make a choice, you need to consider both the place of work and study and social status.
  • Shape, size, and color. A properly selected drawing will emphasize individuality and demonstrate hidden meaning. You should decide in advance on the preferences for the style of writing the text if it is present.

How to choose a design and tattoo artist?

Anyone who decides to apply a tattoo on his body should decide what he would like it to be. It is advisable to have at least a general idea so that a specialist can offer the optimal design and style. At the same, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to provide a ready tattoo sketch, but just the main idea and style.

An experienced master will tell you how to choose the right tattoo for a man or a girl according to her character, aesthetic preferences, and physical features. After reviewing the portfolio of a specialist, you can understand whether his work style will fulfill your vision of the tattoo.

If you don’t know which tattoo to choose, arrange a personal meeting with the tattoo artist to discuss ideas and see the possible options. An experienced tattoo artist can change the pattern to suit the client’s special wishes.

Where should you place your tattoo?

It’s necessary to think about the possibility of covering the tattoo in case you will need to do it: hide it under your clothes at work, study, or once you meet with relatives who can be sensitive to tattoos. Also, girls should consider how the tattoo will look if they wear an evening dress or some other exposed wardrobe.

The location for the tattoo is chosen by such a parameter as the pain of application on the specific area. Perception of pain by men and women also varies – it’s associated with psychological and physiological features and in men, the threshold is higher because testosterone helps to better tolerate pain. This could explain why men more often put images on the most painful places located close to bones and girls prefer small drawings and inscriptions.

So, the most painful places for applying a tattoo are your feet, the lower leg part, knees, stomach, and chest.

The upper part of the thighs and shoulders is the most painless one. In this area, you can often find miniature images of flowers and birds in girls’ tattoos so it’s an area that can suit pretty much everyone from the pain factor.

Well, let’s sum it up. Many see the tattoos as an opportunity to stand out, emphasize your individuality and demonstrate belonging to a particular community and that’s pretty correct. A properly chosen tattoo would serve as your personal talisman and decoration everywhere you go and at all times. Choose it wisely!

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  1. Making sure you have the right design can be one of the biggest challenges when getting a tattoo. Thanks for sharing!


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