10 Things to Know Before Your First Tattoo

These days everyone probably knows someone who has a tattoo. They have grown in popularity over the years and are no longer frowned upon as much.

While earlier they represented someone who is a tough person or is a rebel, today people get tattoos to preserve a special memory or to honor something they care about, etc. Like Selena Gomez got a semicolon tattooed to raise awareness about mental health.

So whatever your reasons may be, if you are thinking about getting a tattoo for the first time, here are 10 things that you need to know before you get one.

Things to know before first tattoo

1. Baby Steps

It’s a good idea to take baby steps when getting a tattoo. There is nothing embarrassing about starting with a small tattoo and seeing how your skin takes the ink and heals itself.

2. Know Your Pain Threshold

You can push yourself to get a tattoo that you are very serious about. But it is a good idea to know your pain threshold and avoid getting tattoos on areas that are more sensitive. Like your temples, back of the neck, elbows, or groins.

3. Quality over Cost

There are several tattoo-gone-wrong horror stories over the internet and the root cause is mainly getting a cheap job. Don’t compromise on the quality of the tattoo, the experience of the tattoo artist, and the tattoo kits he uses, for the sake of saving money. Cover-ups can be more expensive.

4. Consider Weather

It is not such a good idea to get a tattoo in the summer. Fresh tattoos can get damaged due to sun exposure and water submersion. Getting a tattoo in early autumn or spring is more practical.

5. Choose Well

It is not such a good idea to get your beau’s name tattooed a couple of weeks into the relationship. Only get it if you are absolutely sure about this relationship to work out rather than going through the emotional and physical pain of getting it removed. Also, if you considering a serious body transformation by hitting the gym and doing fitness, think about the areas of your body that could be affected by it such as the stomach. Remember, it’s permanents so you better think well before picking one.

6. Avoid Your Face

Why? Well, for obvious reasons. One of the few is this is your first tattoo, you don’t know how your skin will take it, if it goes wrong EVERYONE can see it, etc.

7. Give it Time

Bad tattoos are often the result of impulse. So if you really want a tattoo, give it some time. Think rationally and only then get it rather than regretting later.

8. Research Your Artist

Don’t just take the word of a friend; do research on the tattoo artist you have chosen. Look into their portfolio and only book if you are satisfied with their work.

9. You Might Need a Shave

Depending on where you are getting the tattoo or how hairy you are, you might need a shave. Once the tattoo is done, avoid shaving until it heals completely.

10. Follow After-Care Instructions

Your tattoo artist will give you a cream to apply or give you after-care instructions. Follow them on a daily basis so that your skin heals properly and the tattooing process. It’s better to have a healthy regime while you recovering from it.

Lastly, take a friend along with you for some support!

What to know about tattoos before doing them

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