Getting A Tattoo Vs. Removing A Tattoo

Getting A Tattoo Vs Removing A Tattoo

It’s bound to happen. An estimated 145 million Americans have tattoos. When that many are served, occasionally someone is going to pull away from the drive-thru with a fish sandwich when they ordered a cheeseburger. Polling suggests 19% of those getting tattoos regret the decision. Even though 2% of those inked go through the removal … Read more

This Tattoo Has Got to Go: Tattoo Removal in New York City

Tattoo Removal in New York City

It happens. We make mistakes. Sometimes that mistake means the tattoo of the name of a loveinterest or an image that we thought we would love and we later hate. Maybe it was a Latinphrase that you thought meant one thing, but it means another in reality. Whatever the reason,a tattoo mistake can feel like … Read more