This Tattoo Has Got to Go: Tattoo Removal in New York City

It happens. We make mistakes. Sometimes that mistake means the tattoo of the name of a love
interest or an image that we thought we would love and we later hate. Maybe it was a Latin
phrase that you thought meant one thing, but it means another in reality. Whatever the reason,
a tattoo mistake can feel like a big one. After all, tattoos are permanent, aren’t they?
Thankfully, tattoos are no longer as permanent as they used to be. Though it does take more
then one session, it is possible to remove your tattoo altogether.

4 Things Should Know About Tattoo Removal 

If you live in the New York City area and want to get a tattoo, it should be no surprise that there are tattoo parlors everywhere. And unlike many tattoo parlors in other parts of the country, many tattoo shops in NYC are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For the city that never sleeps, a 24-hour tattoo parlor is simply par for the course.

Further, NYC has a 300-year-plus history on the tattoo scene. Early Native American tribes in the area started experimenting with tattoos as far back as the early 1700s. Now, you can actually attend live tattoo demonstrations in various galleries in the city on the weekends.

A quick Google search for tattoo parlors NYC will return dozens and dozens of results. You won’t have too much trouble finding a tattoo removal specialist either. However, when it comes to tattoo removal, you don’t want to just go to the first place that shows up in your search results.

If you’re thinking about tattoo removal in NYC, there are some things you should know. 

Complete Tattoo Removal Takes About 10 Sessions

Many tattoos can be completed in a single session, though more complex designs might be done over a series of sessions. The latter is also the case when it comes to tattoo removal. Though much of the tattoo can likely be removed in three or four sessions, it usually takes about 10 visits to a tattoo removal professional to ensure that the tattoo is completely gone.

Tattoo Removal Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Though removing a tattoo will likely cost more than getting a tattoo in the first place, the process doesn’t need to break the bank. Some of the more reputable tattoo removal companies in NYC offer financing to help you pay off the cost of your tattoo removal treatments over time.

Tattoo Removal Technology Matters

When looking for tattoo removal in NYC, be sure to explore the different technologies and techniques used. Though no method is painless, you may wish to work with someone who uses FDA-approved laser technology. Outdated technology will mean a slower removal time, and it will take longer for the ink to break down and be digested. A faster laser tattoo removal will help break down the ink into smaller particles to be digested faster.

Your Specific Tattoo Removal Treatment Will Depend on Your Specific Tattoo

Your tattoo removal specialist will determine the right treatment for you based on the type of ink used in your tattoo. The depth and density of the tattoo, the ink’s location, and the ink composition will all factor into how long your treatment timeline will be. Further, your health and lifestyle choices will be significant factors. The healthier you are, the better. So, if you are thinking of tattoo removal, be sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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