How To Make Henna Tattoos (2020 Updated)

These days, large number of tattoo studios offers the widest range of services possible, from piercing to tattoos. Among them,a special kind of tattoo exist – Henna tattoo paintings. Basically, they use henna powder that is blended with lime and water mixture to create black henna tattoo mixture to apply on your skin. The popularity of such tattoos have increased … Read moreHow To Make Henna Tattoos (2020 Updated)

How To Begin A Tattoo Artist Career Using Cheap Tattoo Kits (2020 Updated)

When planning to set up a tattoo business, it is advisable to have an affordable tattoo kit so that the required equipment, is present. Having the right tattoo kits ensures that the upcoming tattoo artists are not overwhelmed in situations where they need to carry out a certain procedure and due to the lack of … Read moreHow To Begin A Tattoo Artist Career Using Cheap Tattoo Kits (2020 Updated)

Artist Hotspot: Kim Papanatos

This tattoo artist, which studio placed in The Hague, Netherlands, use the new style of interpenetrating engraving and woodcuts and it’s looks great. The tattoos looks highly artistic and superb quality of work. Defenetly high class. Can it be done with white ink? 🙂 There is also this amazing a movie series that named as … Read moreArtist Hotspot: Kim Papanatos