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Some of us prefer getting completely custom and unique tattoos compared to flash designs or
common photographs. They do tell a better story about the individual after all.
What is the best way to get a custom tattoo design though? How do I make sure the artist
understands my idea? How much does it cost? All of this will be answered thoroughly in this

Visit a custom tattoo design online tool

Find a website that has hundreds of artists available to hire specifically to draw
your custom tattoo idea. The artists should be all vetted and experienced and you should be able to filter by price, language, style, and rating to find the perfect tattoo design for your idea. Think of it as a
marketplace for online tattoo designers where you can hire artists from all over the world instead
of being limited to your local talent.

Contact tattoo designers

Once you have found the right artist for you, you should be able to send them a message describing your idea
or place an order directly on their profile. Usually, they will get back to you pretty fast and give you
feedback on your idea if it’s possible. If accepted, you will be prompted to pay and your order
will be underway. Each artist has different delivery times so make sure you check that beforehand
if you are in a rush to get a tattoo design made. It usually is somewhere between 1 and 7 days, but that’s the general flow.

Get revisions and edits

After some time has passed you should receive a draft of the design from your artist. You can
request revisions and edits to the tattoo design at this point to make sure the piece is truly perfect
for you. Some artists on an online tattoo marketplace even offer digital mockups in their service. This means they will add the tattoo design to a 3D model of a human body to show you how the design wraps around
the body. It should also give you an idea of how big or small you may want your tattoo in real life
when you see it in this form.

Receive high-resolution images

After you have confirmed you are happy with the design, you will be sent the final files. This may
mean a stencil outline, source files, mockups, or just a high-resolution image of the design. You
can show this to a tattooist in real life to better explain what you want. They may also want to
tweak it but now that you have your design you will know what tattoo you are getting without
having to wait until the day of your appointment to see the sketch.

How much does this all cost?

The price for custom tattoo designs varies a lot depending on each artist. On most online tattoo marketplace tools, the artists are able to set their own prices so the range can be pretty wide. It can be as little as $15 and all
the way to $500+ for in-demand artists offering full custom tattoo sleeve designs. You can browse
the platform until you find an artist who has prices that fit your budget.

What if I don’t have an idea for a custom tattoo just yet?

We have all been there. You want another tattoo but you can’t think of what it should be!
Thankfully, you should be able to go to some sort of an explore page to see hundreds of artists’ portfolios. You
can filter by style or even body part to get inspiration. If you are still struggling you can read this
blog post to try and generate new tattoo ideas that you won’t regret!

Can the artists on online tattoo art tools reject my idea?

Ultimately, yes. Artists are able to reject an order request if they think the idea does not fit their
style or for any other reason. If this happens, you are not charged anything and are free to search
the site for another tattoo designer who will accept your request.

Why are custom tattoos getting more popular?

With society slowly becoming more accepting of tattoos, people are also broadening their
horizons on what is possible to get tattooed themselves. Trends are becoming less important
and everyone is getting different styles of tattoos. Considering this, it makes sense why people
are also aware of what the subject of the tattoo is. It’s way cooler to tell someone about your
highly unique and custom tattoo. A piece of art that no one else has on their body in the whole

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