There Is a Wide Variety of Tattoos Available

There is a wide variety of tattoos available. It can be large, small, colored, black, grey, etc. It is this aspect of tattoos that makes them so appealing. Tattoos are as unique as the individuals who get them inked.

This is why we felt it would be useful for you to gain an insider’s perspective on some of the most popular tattoo styles asked for today.

1. Abstract Style Designs

The style of abstract tattooing is heavily influenced by early surrealist paintings. As the name implies, abstract ideas do not have a definite form. In art, this refers to work that consists of many layers, all of which appear to be unstructured. The meaning of abstract tattoos is usually personal to the individual who wears them and is therefore open to interpretation. This is one of the most popular and on-trend tattoos right now.

2. Tattoos Inspired By Classic Americana

This may be the first type of tattoo you think of, an old-school style distinguished by bold outlines and the use of similar colors and imagery. Ocean scenes, pinup females, predatory animals, hearts, roses, and daggers all make an appearance in these designs. Frankie Caraccioli of Kings Avenue Tattoo showed us the tattoo style popularized by Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins in the 1930s.

3. Tattoo Style In Black and Gray

The use of black and gray images is not confined to a particular subject matter, depicting a wide range of subjects in shades of grey, originally achieved by diluting black ink into various hues. This design is popular with portrait images, usually on the shoulder.

4. Silhouette/Shadow Tattoos

With the use of blackwork, white shading, and gray shading, tattoos are designed to appear as silhouettes and shadows. If you are looking for tattoos that are similar to realism, but not as detailed or intense as realism, these minimalist tattoos are a great choice. These designs are usually smaller, and the wrist or ankle is the most popular location.

5. Watercolour

Tattoos made with color fade and brushes are known as watercolor tattoos, as the name suggests. Watercolor tattoos are often used interchangeably with brushstroke tattoos since they resemble color versions of stroke tattoos.

Despite appearing abstract and simpler than other tattoo styles, watercolor tattoos require skill to achieve the brushstrokes and effects that make them appear like paintings. The use of softer lines and shading makes this style extremely popular at the moment.

6. Neo Traditional

As with New School, this style typically avoids bright and vibrant colors and focuses on more natural shapes and gradients. Several aspects of Old School imagery are incorporated as well as new patriotic imagery, such as Native Americans, portraits, and skulls.

7. Paint Brush Stroke

This tattoo style offers a lot of uniqueness. The different variations in watercolor and gradient design make this style nearly impossible to replicate compared to a traditional tattoo.

Paintbrush stroke styles are most commonly used for things like Enso symbols or OM symbols. In addition to symbols, more modern artists are opting for designs like rose flowers, sailing ships, and more.

8. Stick and poke tattoo

Stick-n-poke is an art form where the artist uses a single needle to create a simple design. This art can be beautiful when performed by a professional. It is characterized by thick and bold lines, usually in simple black, with small decorative patterns.

9. Realism tattoo

In addition to landscapes and objects, realistic tattoos can depict animals and people as well. It’s a classic tattoo style that can be either colored or black and white, depending on what you want to portray. Creating a realistic-looking tattoo with amazing visual impact requires a skilled tattoo artist or tattoo designer.

10. Geometric

Using shapes to create a visual appeal is the power of geometry. It does not matter whether you use rectangles, lines, fractals, small crosses… whatever you use as long as it contributes to the formation design of something larger.

It is also possible to use geometry to represent sacred motifs or philosophical concepts. Those seeking a connection to the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of tattooing find this style to be a primordial choice.


In spite of the fact that there is a wide range of tattoo styles available, these are a few that are a good place to begin your tattoo journey.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about each of these styles. It is important to note that these are not all of the tattoo designs that are currently circulating throughout the contemporary tattoo scene, but they are a few of the most prominent ones. For more information about these tattoo styles, check out some of our stories about our featured artists.

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