Does Numbing Cream Effect the Artists?

Although it is part and parcel of the tattooing experience, not everyone likes enduring the pain and discomfort that is involved in getting inked. That is why you may choose to use a tattoo-numbing cream. However, it is important to note while most tattoo artists are perfectly fine working on customers who have used numbing cream, some may object to tattooing you. Why is that? Can it actually affect the tattoo artists?

In the following article, we are going to look at some of the reasons why many tattoo artists do not like working with customers who use tattoo-numbing creams while giving our opinion on their thoughts and feelings.

They Are Traditionalists

First and foremost, the reason why some tattoo artists do not like working on customers who have used a tattoo numbing cream is that they are purists and traditionalists. They still believe that part of the rite of passage of having a tattoo involves feeling the pain and enduring it.

They Believe It Interferes with Their Tattoo Ink

Another huge misconception is that some artists believe the creams will in some way interfere with the ink they are using. However, this is simply not true, as many numbing creams have been made specifically for use on tattoo customers.

The truth is that rather than causing problems, a tattoo cream solves a lot of the issues that many people have with getting ink done. This is obviously a huge coupe for tattoo artists as it means more customers. All the people who have a low tolerance for pain or medical reasons why they can’t endure the process without some help can get the pain relief they need while still getting inked. It really is a win-win situation for all involved, both the tattoo artist and the customer.

They Are Looking to Make More Money

Some tattoo artists, not all of them, are very unscrupulous and believe that a tattoo numbing cream makes the experience easier to enjoy, which makes it take less time to complete your ink work. That means less money for them.

They Believe It Will Make It Take Longer

On the other side of things, some tattoo artists believe that the use of numbing creams could actually extend the duration of the process. They think because it involves the time it takes to apply it and wipe it before they can go ahead that it will take longer. However, most numbing creams can be applied by the customer before he or she arrives at the tattoo artist’s studio at least an hour before, and then they are good to go.

Many Discredit Its Effectiveness

Some tattoo artists will even try to dismiss and discredit the effectiveness of tattoo numbing cream. They think it is all psychological and that there is no medical evidence that numbing cream really works. Even though, it is used by other medical and cosmetic practitioners. Whereas, products like Tattoo Numb have been proven to be effective at reducing the pain caused by the tattoo process significantly.

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