What Are Numbing Creams Used For?

It doesn’t have to be difficult to get a tattoo. Medical research has led to the development of numbing creams, which have been scientifically shown to reduce and even eliminate the pain of getting a tattoo and other cosmetic treatments. Numbing creams can be a great tool for pain management and can be used for a variety of treatments. Here we will look at some of the common uses of numbing creams.


Tattoos are permanent marks placed on the skin and are created using needles and ink. When the ink is placed onto the skin’s second layer, called the dermis, the wound is scabbed over while the skin heals, revealing an image beneath this new layer. It is now considered acceptable as a kind that is considered body art. Based on your location, there could be specific limits on your age that will determine the minimum age to get tattoos. Tattoos have become more fashionable in recent years. According to surveys, 30 or 44 percent of American adults have tattoos.

If you’re planning to get tattooed at first, you could be a bit nervous about the level of pain, particularly if you know your body has a lower threshold for pain. A gel or tattoo numbing cream is an excellent way to make discomfort and pain levels manageable when having a tattoo. It can make the entire experience pleasant for you and the tattoo artist. These creams are a bonus since they allow you to fulfill your tattoo desires without causing discomfort or pain. In addition, these gentle creams will reduce the risk of developing any post-tattoo infections.


One of the treatments that are becoming more popular is microblading. It creates realistic eyebrows using the careful placement of pigment. Microblading results have stunning outcomes that last for a long time. The results however are semi-permanent, meaning they need to be retouched periodically. Microblading may be painful, so a topical anesthetic cream is usually used. The most effective numbing lotion for microblading uses a triple anesthetic cream that is far more effective than the typical tattoo numbing cream.

Lip Fillers

Dermal fillers are among the most sought-after non-invasive procedures, and the lips are among the most sought-after areas for patients to get the filler injection. There are a variety of options for dermal fillers that allow doctors to customize the treatment for each patient following their particular objectives and needs, such as enhancing the contour of the lips as well as balancing the asymmetry of the lips or proportion, restoring volume or boosting water to smooth minor cracks. Lip fillers can address many of the issues that patients face. The location of the injection will depend on the issue the patient wants to resolve. As this procedure involves quite a thick needle, you can expect moderate to high pain. Using a numbing cream is definitely advised for this procedure.

Laser Tattoo Removal

In a laser tattoo removal process, each energy laser pulse goes through the skin and is absorbed by the ink used to make tattoos. The pigments absorb the energy and begin to heat up and eventually break into tiny pieces. Over time following treatment, our body’s defense system eliminates tattoo ink particles from the area, reducing how the image appears. Each treatment with laser is broken down by more of the ink used to tattoo until there is no trace left. Lasers are a great proven way of removing a tattoo, but these procedures are very painful. Although some pain is still felt when using a numbing cream, they definitely help and take away most of the pain.


Tattoos and piercings are body ornaments dating way back to the beginning of time. The process of piercing the body involves creating an opening within the skin so that it is possible to insert jewelry. This is commonly located in the earlobe, but it can be located in other areas within the human body. As you can expect with a piercing, it is going to be painful, which stops a lot of people from getting one. Using a numbing cream can eliminate the pain from piercings. This is one of the most common uses of numbing cream.


In some instances, it is possible to decide that using a tattoo numbing cream may be a more personal preference than a necessity. These creams have many uses and are designed to help you get through your next tattoo/procedure. Over the years, they have allowed many people to get over the fear of pain from getting a new tattoo/treatment.

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