Tattoos That Age Well Over Time

Getting a tattoo is considered a permanent decision, and finding tattoos that age well over time is a good idea! Some tattoos may look like something initially, but it becomes something else or different drastically over time. Below we’ll discuss some of the tattoos that age well over time. 

Two primary deciding factors change a tattoo over time, such as tattoo size as well as long-term sun damage. Moreover, there are some minor factors like tattoo color, line-thickness of the tattoo, etc. You need to talk to your expert tattoo artist about how your new tattoo is likely to age over the years. They can just make a good guess or prediction about it.

Take Care of Your Tattoos from The Beginning

Taking good care of a tattoo is one of the most critical deciding factors that will make a tattoo age well over time. You are required to take care of it right from the start. The process of taking care may seem to be quite annoying, but this is the only way. For example, you should use proper tattoo sunscreen before going out in the sun so that the color and brightness won’t get damaged. Tattoo aftercare is really supposed to play a significant role in enabling a tattoo to age well. 

Tattoos That Are Inked on Places with Some Friction

The location of a tattoo really matters, in terms of tattoos that age well over time. Tattoos on high friction body areas are more likely to fade quickly. In this regard, there are certain spots on the body where getting tattoos will be long-lasting. You are supposed to choose less abused body regions such as the flat of the forearm, thighs, back, shoulders, upper arms, etc. All these regions are supposed to withstand the test of time. Getting tattoos on such an area will make sure that it will age well and while doing it, it’s also worth considering what areas are more painful than the others.

Tattoos That Don’t Generally Get Sunlight

It is known to be amazing to be in the sunlight, and after getting inked, you should avoid direct sunlight on the new tattoo for up to a week, and after that, it’s good practice to take the necessary measures to protect your tattoo from sunlight. If excessive sunlight directly falls on your tattoo, it is surely likely to take some years off the tattoo. The best way, in this case, would be to use good quality sunscreen lotion as much as possible. In case you do not have sunscreen lotion at the moment, you should not go out in the sun. 

Black as well as Greyscale Tattoos

The color of your tattoos is another important consideration to make sure that it is going to age well and last many years to come. Touch-ups are all well and good but choosing the right color for the tattoo is also extremely significant in this case. In this regard, black is considered to be a color that ages well and better than any other color used in a tattoo. Vibrant and bright colors look amazing initially, but they are to fade fast and less likely to age well over the years. 

Tattoos with Bold Design

It is widely spoken about that tattoos with bold designs will age well over the years. In this regard, tattoo size and line-thickness are going to make such tattoos last long. Incorporating some dark lines along with some negative space is also going to make a tattoo age well after taking good tattoo aftercare in the process. Using bold black tests in your tattoos to make the traditional American tattoos will also ensure that they will last longer and age well in the best way possible. Your tattoo artist will have proper knowledge and expertise in this regard. And they will do the needful in this case. 

Tattoos on Right Layers of Skin

Choosing the best professional tattoo expert is extremely important. If you choose to go for a cheap professional artist, then you are less likely to get the quality service that you are looking forward to avail. The look and appearance of a tattoo largely depend on the expertise and skill of your tattoo artist. 

The dermis of your skin is the best layer where a tattoo should be inked. This layer is just one millimeter thick. Hence, only an expert and professional tattoo artist will be able to ink in that region with utter precision. If the professional goes a little too deep, then the tattoo may not turn out that great long-term. This is why getting inked on the right layer of skin is important in making it age well.

Large Tattoos

Large tattoos are considered to act better in withstanding the ultimate test of time. The tattoo is not supposed to cover your entire body, but it should be large enough not to fade away over time. It would thus allow some room for necessary touch-ups later. In the case of a small tattoo, it is to fade away over time. This is why you should be getting a large tattoo.  

Tattoo Ageing

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