Do Tattoos Make You Look Hotter?

Do tattoos make you look hotter

The question comes up all the time – do people with tattoos appear hotter than others? It’s a fair question given that the majority of people associate tattoos with people who have a bit of a wild side. Yet, it’s one thing to have these thoughts and another one to prove them with studies. We’re … Read more

Name of Your Significant Other as a Tattoo Idea: Pros and Cons

loved one name as tattoo idea for couples and lovers

Have you actually considered getting a tattoo with your significant other’s name? Turns out, lots of people do those these days but never think about the consequences. Having a name tattoo might seem interesting and cool, but it might also have negative effects on your life in general, especially if your relationship does not work … Read more

Tips For Choosing the Right Tattoo Design

Tips For Choosing the Right Tattoo

A tattoo is basically a form of permanent body alteration in which a pattern is created by inserting pigments, ink, and colors, either temporary or permanent, into a body’s dermis layer. The procedure of making tattoos includes several steps. The first step is to choose a tattoo theme. After choosing the theme, the design process … Read more