What You Need to Know About Black And Grey Tattoos

Ideas for Black And Grey Tattoos on your body

Black and grey tattoos have been used (and loved) since black and grey tattoos came to life in biblical times. This age-old art form became part of the culture of many tribes and social groups across the world and is still incredibly popular today. Black and grey tattoos rely heavily on an excellent tattoo artist … Read more

Europe’s Tattoo Artists Fear Over EU New Tattoo Ink Bans

Europes tattoo artists fear for future after EU ink ban

A new EU law, which went into effect on January 2022, bans the use of many types of inks that contain substances that are considered hazardous. Tattoo parlors are angry and fear for the future of the industry: “What will we work with?”. The union replies: “You had a year to prepare”. Tattoo artists in … Read more

How To Build a Tattoo Artist Website

How To Build a Tattoo Artist Website

Every business needs an online presence on the Internet today, and, it also applies to tattoo shops because creating a website gives you the ability to increase sales and the profitability of your tattoo studio. Most tattoo artists use social media to showcase their work, but using a website is more of a professional approach, … Read more

The Guide to Cartilage Hoop Earrings for Starters

Cartilage Hoop Earrings

Once upon a time, cartilage earrings were reserved for individuals that loved trying unique looks! However, now plenty of diverse designs have helped everyone add unanticipated glistening to their ears. If you are considering a cartilage piercing, here is all you need to know about cartilage hoop earrings and how to find a style that … Read more

All About Salon Chairs For Your Tattoo Parlour

All About Salon Chairs For Your Tattoo Parlour

People usually go to the salon to feel comfortable and relaxed. When you open a tattoo parlor, it is important to consider all aspects of salon services to offer your clients the best experience including the parlor equipment, ambiance, salon staff, and more. Upon entering the salon to be served, it is important to make … Read more

Henna for Bachelorette Parties: A Crash Course

Henna for Bachelorette Parties

It’s fall wedding season again, and with weddings, come bachelorette parties! Time for brides-to-be to let loose in the company of their BFFs, celebrating both past and future adventures. If you’ve ever planned a bachelorette party, you’ll know how much thought and work goes into making it a night to remember. If you’re currently planning … Read more

Best Anchor Tattoos Design Ideas (with Meanings)

Best Anchor Tattoos Design Ideas

An anchor is used to connect a vessel to a bed of water to stop the vessel from drifting away due to a strong wind or any current. Vessels carry one or more temporary anchors, which can be of different designs and weights. The anchor tattoo was a traditional tattoo choice for men, especially sailors, … Read more