The Pros And Cons Of Getting A Foot Tattoo

Pros And Cons Of Getting A Foot Tattoo

Tattoos are now an integral part of pop culture. It has now been a fashion statement. Famous artists like Chester Bennington have also been a source of motivation to many people for body art. Other personalities like David Beckham have also been a popular source of motivation and upliftment of the tattoo culture. Tattoos can … Read more

Knowledge About Foot Tattoo Designs And Other Helpful Information

Foot Tattoo Designs Knowledge

We have seen people doing funky tattoo designs on their shoulders, necks, wrists, arms, and every other body part. But drawing a tattoo on your feet draws more attention. Most people think foot tattoos go unnoticed, but they are the real ones that get exposure and a lot of attention. For our work purposes, we … Read more

6 Tribal Foot Tattoo Designs

Top Tribal Foot Tattoo Design

These days, where fashion and style are vital parts of our lives, tattoos can play a huge part in boosting your appearance and making you look more fashionable. In today’s society, especially for the new generation, tattoos have become one of the most influential fashionable items that increase their appearance and add to their identification. … Read more

Busting Some of the Most Common Tattoo Myths

Busting Some of the Most Common Tattoo Myths

The art of tattooing is not known to be something new or modern, but it dates back over 5,000 years. Evidence of tattoos was seen in ancient Egypt. In modern times, people are showing extreme interest and eagerness in getting all kinds of tattoos on their bodies.  If you are looking forward to getting a … Read more

Tattoos That Age Well Over Time

Tattoos That Age Well Over Time

Getting a tattoo is considered a permanent decision, and finding tattoos that age well over time is a good idea! Some tattoos may look like something initially, but it becomes something else or different drastically over time. Below we’ll discuss some of the tattoos that age well over time.  Two primary deciding factors change a … Read more

Tattoo Inspired Clothing and Fashion

tattoo inspired fashion.jpg

Tattoo-inspired fashion has a lot of influence, be it specific tattoo designs, tattoo quotes, personalities from the tattooing world, and many more. But in general, according to the surveys we did, and the existing knowledge conducted on the psychology of color, text, and designs, people prefer tattoo-inspired clothing and fashion, thereby demonstrating their influence and … Read more

Buying A Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Buying Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

If you are a pro tattooist or looking to make your way in the tattoo aesthetics field then this guide is for you. It is related specifically to the purchase of laser tattoo removal machines. To make this a viable and long-term purchase, you need to consider a lot of factors. This would then allow … Read more

Tattoo Ideas for Gay Couples

Best Gay Couple Tattoos

You met a great guy, you’ve been together for a while, and you want to commemorate your great relationship with a tattoo. Before you book an appointment with your favorite tattoo artist, you should take some time to think up the perfect tattoo for a gay couple. Take a look at some of the ideas … Read more

The Origin of LGBT Tattoo Symbols

The Origin of LGBT Tattoo Symbols

Tattoos have an unusual history in the LGBT community. In the past, humanity had seen times when tattoos were used to define and identify “others” so as to make it easy to persecute them. Modern-day LGBT individuals and activists have done their utmost to tattoo themselves with important signs while they also reclaim symbols of … Read more

Peculiarities of Dating a Tattoo Artist

Peculiarities of Dating a Tattoo Artist

Dating a tattoo artist is in many ways different from dating a professional in any other career. It’s good in some ways and not-so-good in some others. Like everything else in relationships, there’s nothing cut and dried. You have to decide if you like dating a particular tattoo artist because the dynamics between every couple … Read more