Bridal Style: A Guide for the Tattooed Bride

Walking down the aisle is perhaps the most awaited but nervous moment for all brides-to-be. Especially if you are a tattooed bride, you might be more conscious of your possession. Tattoos are a work of art and perhaps you have a reason to wear them on your body. It’s something to take pride in, but when it comes to such traditional occasions like weddings, we tend to hesitate whether or not to show off our inked parts. 

If you are concerned about your wedding day look and can’t decide on which one to choose, then here is a complete guide for you to flaunt your tattoos as well as hide them on your special day.

Temporary Henna Tattoos

For those who don’t know, a temporary tattoo such as Henna is being used around the world to paint the bride-to-be. Henna is regarded to bring good health and prosperity into marriages. There is a wide range of henna tattoo designs that you can choose from, for your wedding day. Henna is not only limited to hands, but you can indulge in intricate henna designs on your arms and legs. To bring out the true color of henna, you must buy the products from a trusted source.

Henna is easy to apply and if you are someone who just wants the tattoo for a specific time, then henna is the best option. It will remain on your hands for a week and then slowly wear off. 

Teaming Your Wedding Gown with a Permanent Tattoo

You must have got inked for some reason or just for the love for a design, and it remains with you forever. While you cannot make up your mind about your wedding look, the best you can do is to consult with your beau. After all, the occasion is to celebrate your union as Mr. & Mrs. If you are still concerned about your wedding look and can’t decide on which one to choose, then here is a complete guide for you to flaunt your tattoos as well as to hide them on your special day.

Showing up your neckline tattoo

If you have tattoos on your shoulder or chest, a sweetheart wedding gown is all you need to embrace your tattoo. This will accentuate your tattoo design while still keeping it comfortable. Make sure not to go too low on the dress as this might cause discomfort or grab your attention frequently. No matter, if you are a busty woman or a small-chested, sweetheart neckline, does wonder to all body types. 

Low back wedding gown

When your back is your canvas to showcase your precious tattoo, then select a low back wedding gown. According to the position of your tattoo and your comfort, talk to your dressmaker to customize the dress for you.

When you have tattooed arms

To feature your tattooed arm, you can choose from a variety of sleeveless wedding gowns or a sweetheart neckline. The other option to make your tattoos pop up is to wear a sleeveless high-neck dress that will highlight your arms. 

When you want to camouflage your inked skin

Well, not all brides decide to flaunt their tattooed skin at their wedding. It’s completely your choice as your wedding is all about you. Put a step forward with confidence as we have some tactics for you to hide your tattoos in your wedding gown

Bridal jacket or cloak

Bridal jackets or cloaks are highly in fashion. Brides select light and lacy cloaks to wear as a layer on top of their revealing wedding dress for wedding rituals. It is a great way to add style to your gown while you can hide your inked body within. 

Full sleeve wedding gown

Another quick trick is to choose a beautiful lacy full sleeve wedding dress to hide your pride underneath. This will not only hide your skin but also focus on the shape of your body. Be ready for a jaw-dropping experience.

Talk to your makeup artist or go for a tattoo removal

While you want to hide your tattoo, makeup can do wonders. Talk to your makeup artists and consult with them about what you want. Makeup can conceal your skin to an extent that it looks just like un-inked skin.

However, if you want to get rid of a tattoo permanently, then look for a tattoo removal service at least one year before your wedding day. 

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