Body Positive Tattoos as Self-esteem Factor

Being a big beautiful woman isn’t something to be ashamed of, you know that. But to let everybody else know you don’t have confidence issues, think about getting a tattoo. It will show your personality and high self-esteem. And it might attract men who can see your beauty.

Find a Design that Motivates You

Design isn’t everything, but since that pigment will be with you until the last day of your life, it’s wise to think twice about every aspect of your new, permanent decoration. Choose something that will show you are proud of who you are, and something that will push you to keep going when times get rough.

Meaningful Image

Tattooing something that has absolutely no meaning for you makes no sense. Even if the image is stunning, after 10 years, you might change your opinion. Then you’d be stuck with something that used to be beautiful. That’s why choosing a meaningful image for your tattoo is an important factor while deciding what to put on your skin. Choose an image that means something to you, and it will make you smile every time you see it.

Simple tattoos of plus-size girls are popular among BBW these days. They don’t hurt a lot because most of them are just outlines of beautiful ladies. By putting that or something similar on your skin you’ll show everybody that you’re proud of yourself and that you don’t want to change. It may also motivate other curvy girls who struggle with self-esteem to become more positive in life. 

Text Reminders about Self-love

Texts are almost as popular as images in the tattoo world. When you know the text on your arm, back, or anywhere else on your body is a reminder of your value, you have an infinite source of motivation and confidence. There are some clichés like “Never give up” or “Love yourself”, but you can choose a quote that represents you as a lady the most. Those kinds of tattoos work the best when they are in a place you can see. Every time you feel down or somebody hurts your feelings, read the text of your tattoo and you’ll remember that there is nothing wrong with you and that you deserve love, from yourself and others

The Symbol that You Belong to a Club

Since proud, positive BBW are attractive to most men, showing that you belong to that club with a well-placed tattoo is a wise move. You can show how funny you are by tattooing your favorite dish. You can place a shape of your body somewhere which would be a great sign to anybody who sees you – this is a lady who knows who to love herself and enjoy life.

Get Inspiration from Curvy Celebs

It’s hard to find a celebrity without any ink on their skin. That’s even more accurate for curvy females because they know their bodies attract a lot of attention anyway. We don’t encourage you to copy/paste anyone’s tattoo, but looking at tattoos on famous curvy bodies might give you an idea for your perfect tattoo. Seeing how confident they are, will make you even more confident as well.

Find a Like-Minded Partner

Men constantly fall in love with big beautiful women. Many people in the world would be more than happy to meet a BBW for a long-term relationship built upon reciprocated love and mutual respect. When you find somebody like that, showing your love with a tattoo is the ultimate sign of affection. But be careful, don’t rush with that.

Get Tattoos Together

Getting tattoos together with your partner is a romantic gesture both of you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. Especially if you share a passion for something, so those tattoos have a deeper meaning.

You’re a BBW, so you probably have a healthy passion for food. When you find another foodie, deciding which tattoo you’ll get won’t be a problem. But of course, you don’t have to go for food, you can choose whatever both of you like, and even go with significant other name tattoos, and wear that sign of affection with pride.

Consider Matching Tattoos

Couples often choose small, simple images or signs such as flash art tattoos for their matching tattoos. The reason for that is probably privacy. Matching tattoos are intimate reminders of feeling a couple of shares, not representing their success or anything similar. If both partners are plus size a cute 2-piece tattoo that shows the full picture when you put them one next to each other is a nice choice.

Accentuate your Advantages or Conceal Imperfections

Confidence is sexy, but as a BBW who enjoys every inch of her body, you know that. If your skin isn’t perfect or you have a scar on a visible place, don’t let that shake your positive approach to life. Stay confident no matter what. Scars are hot anyway, and you can make them even more appealing by combining them with tattoos. By doing that, you’ll show you have high self-esteem, and you’ll have a beautiful reminder of your victory against illness or whatever caused your imperfections or scars.

Tattoos are more popular than ever among BBWs. This article can be a good start if you’re looking for reasons to make your beautiful skin unique.

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