Everything About Temporary Gold Tattoo Ink Tattoos

Traditional tattoo inks inherently require a lifetime commitment, which means that if you want to have skin art that is not as permanent, you are better off with gold tattoo ink.

Elegant and stylish, this type of tattoo is often the preferred accessory for showing off skin art during pool parties, festivals, or doing fun activities at the beach.

golden arm tattoo on a woman

Technically, it is not made of ink but rather it is composed of high-quality gold-colored metallic foil pressed into a very thin layer. Applying it on the skin is done with the aid of water, similar to the principle followed when applying temporary tattoos. Once on the skin, it can stay there for several weeks.

Interested in trying it out? Read on for some information and tips that you might want to look into.

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How Long Does A Gold Tattoo Ink Last?

Compared to permanent tattoos wherein the ink is applied under the skin, gold tattoo ink stays on the skin’s surface. Because of this, the ink will not be on your skin permanently, and you can remove it anytime you want to. While not permanent, it is made of quality material designed to stay on the skin for several weeks.

Unlike temporary tattoos that fade quickly, their designs will stay on the skin for much longer. You can also maximize how long you can wear it by letting the material settle into the skin for the prescribed amount of time. Another factor that affects how long this tattoo will last is which part of the body it is placed.

golden elephant tattoo on a leg

Is It Safe To Stay On The Skin?

One major concern that people bring up is the safety of gold tattoo ink on the skin. Generally, this type of tattoo is safe and has been tested so as not to cause rashes, redness, or other skin irritation. Its components – paper, the thin foil layer, and glue – have undergone safety tests that are required for cosmetic products.

However, those who already have existing skin allergies should exercise caution when using this product. Aside from passing safety tests, this product is also designed to be biodegradable and will not harm the environment when disposed of.

golden ink tattoo on a back

How Is The Gold Ink Tattoo Applied?

There’s no need for countless hours spent on a tattoo parlor chair and having your skin scraped by a needle. Gold tattoo ink is easy to apply even without the assistance of others.

Here are the steps:

1) Cut out your chosen design from the sheet.

2) Choose a part of your body where you want to place the tattoo and wash it with soap and water.

3) Ensure that the skin surface is free from sunscreen, lotion, moisturizer, and other products.

4) Carefully peel off the clear plastic sheet covering the design.

5) Place the tattoo design face down on the skin surface. Ensure that the design is flat on your skin and placed properly and securely.

6) Dampen a paper towel or a small piece of cloth and press this firmly on the tattoo’s back paper.

7) Maintain this pressure for around 30 seconds.

8) Slowly peel off the tattoo back paper. 9) Let the tattoo set on the skin for 10 more minutes before you move or stretch that portion of your skin.

amazing golden metallic tattoo on a girl

How Do I Remove The Gold Tattoo?

You can remove the tattoo anytime you want, and doing so is easier and not as intricate as placing it on.

Here are the steps:

1) Dampen a piece of cloth with some rubbing alcohol.

2) Apply rubbing alcohol on the skin surface, covering the entire portion where the tattoo is placed.

3) Allow the alcohol to seep into the skin for up to a minute.

4) Gently rub the damp cloth over the surface in a circular motion. With each motion of the cloth over the skin, you will notice that the tattoo will come off piece by piece. Continue to rub the area gently until you have removed the entire tattoo design from your skin.

metallic golden ink hand tattoo

How Waterproof Is The Gold Tattoo Ink?

While you can rub the gold tattoo ink off your skin using rubbing alcohol, it does not easily come off when it comes in contact with water. The tattoo will stay even when you are taking a shower or having a dip in the pool. This is why this type of tattoo is popular as an accessory at the pool and beach parties, cruising or island hopping on a yacht, or just plain lounging around by the seaside. The important thing is that you follow the instructions on letting the tattoo settle in the skin for the recommended amount of time during application so that it adheres perfectly.

As you see, golden tattoos are an amazing option for a temporary tattoo that will be beautiful for any occasion, party, pool, or sea event. For other temporary tattoos options, look for a henna tattoo made with the best henna ink out there.

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