Tattoos & Permanent Makeup: Everything You Need to Know

tattoos or permanent makeup

Name me a woman that does not dream of being beautiful, waking up in the morning, and not wasting time applying makeup. Such an opportunity appeared for lovely ladies only at the beginning of this century when a service now known as permanent makeup (also known as a cosmetic tattoo or micro-pigmentation), appeared in big … Read more

How to Remove Henna Safely (2023 Updated)

quick and easy ways to remove henna

What is Henna and is it Safe? Lawsonia inermis is the plant behind the Henna powder preparation. This plant has known as a henna tree as well. The dye powder of henna has been used for hair gloss, skin, and henna tattoos since antiquity. Henna color had ingredients that are considered the best for hair … Read more

Everything About Temporary Gold Tattoo Ink Tattoos

Temporary gold tattoos

Traditional tattoo inks inherently require a lifetime commitment, which means that if you want to have skin art that is not as permanent, you are better off with gold tattoo ink. Elegant and stylish, this type of tattoo is often the preferred accessory for showing off skin art during pool parties, festivals, or doing fun … Read more

Temporary Gold Tattoo in 8 Easy Steps

So you decided to make a golden ink temporary tattoo? Let’s find out how to do it in 8 easy steps! Step 1 Let’s prepare your temporary golden tattoo equipment. The most important thing here is basically the golden temporary tattoos sheets. We can recommend the set from Amazon which comes with 130+ realistic gold, … Read more