Peculiarities of Dating a Tattoo Artist

Dating a tattoo artist is in many ways different from dating a professional in any other career. It’s good in some ways and not-so-good in some others. Like everything else in relationships, there’s nothing cut and dried. You have to decide if you like dating a particular tattoo artist because the dynamics between every couple are unique. It also depends on both partners’ personalities. Several people from LustyLocals who dated tattoo artists note they have a very determined way of thinking and decision-making.

Reasons to date a tattoo artist

Creative personality

Tattoo artists have a creative personality. And that attracts us to them. What can we say? There’s something about a creative mind and skillful hands that feel irresistible to most people. Add to it that they can talk with equal ease on various topics like tribal art and ethnic symbols and their meanings. It makes for a super cool and attractive personality.

Determined character

As we said earlier, many people who have dated tattoo artists have found that they seem to have a determined character and a way of making good decisions. Many people find this trait attractive. It helps them to feel more confident when they’re with their significant other, who is supportive and capable of handling any situation life throws at them.

In-demand skill

To become a successful tattoo artist, a person must have innate talent and the desire to further their skills. The majority of people begin by realizing that they have a talent for and an interest in making art on paper. Perhaps an amateur tattoo artist has always been a doodler and has now chosen to pursue his or her passion. Whatever the case, a good tattoo artist’s skills are sky-high in demand as more and more people love to get tattooed with their favorite symbols.

Questions to avoid

Does it hurt?

Is it true that tattoos hurt? One of the greatest concerns for those considering their first tattoo or uninitiated is the amount of discomfort they will experience. Is it as excruciating as it appears? Let’s get this over with right now. Yes, they sting and are painfully uncomfortable. Any treatment that involves continually sticking needles into your skin is going to make you hurt a bit. The only way you can describe it is that it feels like someone is intensely rubbing your shoulder or back or arm… wherever you’re getting your tattoo done. The fast needle passes, such as very short ones, cause very little discomfort. If the tattoo has longer lines, the needle will be in your flesh for a longer period, causing you to feel it. So there you have it.

What’s the cost?

Everybody knows that tattoos are expensive. But don’t ask your lover what’s the cost or why it’s so high. It’s mostly disposable tools that these artists use, and they don’t come cheap. Then there’s rent, bills, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, and other stuff. The impression we get that tattoo artists are ripping off their clients charging $200 for a simple tattoo is that they’re laughing all the way to the bank. Well, it’s not like that, but a good tattoo artist earns fairly well depending on how hard they work.

What’s the meaning?

Some tattoos are beautiful, some are strange, and some are downright bizarre. Tattoo interpretations, however, are something you do not hear anything about. Some people just get a tattoo for the love of it. Many people use tattoos to identify who they are or to symbolize something significant in their lives. They get tattooed with a symbol or a phrase that has sentimental meaning for them. Most of them wouldn’t like to discuss these things with strangers. So don’t ask your lover about what a particular tattoo means unless you want to be shut down.

Do you even like people without tattoos?

Well, of course, they do! So don’t ask this question. Being a tattoo artist is what they are by profession, but they are human beings. Like the rest of us, they like or dislike people based on what they make them feel like. It rarely matters if you have a tattoo or not; they’ll like you if you’re a nice person and treat them well. If you have a few tattoos on yourself, it gives you a nice common ground to get interesting conversations started and get your relationship off the ground.

Possible pitfalls

A tattoo may often come first

Tattoo artists, like any other artist, live and breathe their work. They channel their emotions into their job, whether they’re upset or enthusiastic. At times, they will become immersed, absorbed, and even a bit irrational. And then it’s just about the art… and you have to learn to live with that. Remember that their creative side was an important part of what attracted you to them.

Always surrounded by attractive people

Naturally, a good tattoo artist will always be surrounded by beautiful and sexy people, which can be a problem if you are the jealous type. You need to have loads of trust and remember that they have chosen to love you and want to be with you. When they come home, they are your significant other and not defined by what they do for a living at the end of a tiring day at work.

Creative ups and downs

Like all creative people, your tattoo artist also has their good and bad days, ups, and downs related solely to their work. It might end up making them cranky at times or cause them to have mood swings. As a partner, you have to understand that and accept to some extent that it’ll always be that way. This acceptance will help them feel supported and safe emotionally and bring the two of you closer together.

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