What Is The Proper Age For A Tattoo

You want a tattoo, but you’re not sure if you meet the age requirements. Well, there are legal and personal considerations to make when it comes to getting some fresh ink. Those are two things that a person has to keep in mind when they are getting tattoos. We’ll tell you about the ages and reasons that people decide to get this kind of body art and whether you may come to regret it in the future. 

Why Do People Get Tattoos?

Before we start looking at the proper age to get a tattoo, it’s important to consider the reasons that people get them. According to expert psychologists, people have used tattoos in a number of ways. For starters, they were a form of identification among members of groups. The U.S. Navy, criminal organizations like the Yakuza, and certain brotherhoods would get tattoos. 

Nowadays, people get tattoos for just as many reasons, but they are often out of celebration than comradery. Many people will get important quotes or lessons written on their bodies. For example, an anchor on a person’s body will show that they feel unsinkable. An infinity symbol could be spiritual. Some people even get religious iconography tattooed on their bodies. Other people just want to achieve a certain look to fit in with the culture. The reasons for getting a permanent picture are unique and personal, and that has contributed to their resurgence over the years. 

Thus, if you were to ask 100 people why they got a tattoo, they just might give you 100 different answers!

Legal Requirements Concerning Age in Various Countries

Every country has a different take on the age that a person should be when they are getting a tattoo. Even then, some nations have different states or divisions that don’t allow for tattoos at the same age as the national level. With that in mind, we are going to explore the legal requirements for people to get a tattoo in several different countries. 

  • United States – 18 years old in most places
  • Canada – 16 with a parent’s permission
  • Mexico – 18, but a minor can get a tattoo with the permission and presence of a parent
  • Argentina – 18, minors as young as 16 can get a tattoo, but they must have a parent
  • Singapore – 21
  • Scotland – 16
  • North Korea – 17
  • Estonia – 18
  • Austria – 16-18 with parental consent

As you can see, there are many different ages of consent to think about when you are looking to get a tattoo. Some countries are more liberal with their legal status for people seeking body art. While 18 is the age of adulthood in much of the world, there are times and ways that you can get a tattoo on your body legally with the permission of a parent. That does not always mean it is a good idea, though. Depending on the type of picture you want to get, this can be a good or bad decision. We’re going to give you some examples of the way that tattoos can impact your life. 

Impact of Tattoos on Romantic Life over the Years

According to testimonials from wantmatures, many people prefer mature partners with tattoos because the ink is an evident indicator of such personal qualities as determination, self-confidence, and adventurousness. While that is indicative of the impact that it could have later on in life, it’s important to consider how a tattoo could affect a younger person. 

In many cases, the type of tattoo that someone has on their body can impact the perception of a romantic partner. One of the worst tattoos that a person can get on their body in terms of their romantic lifestyle is the name of an ex-romantic partner. When you have a tattoo on the body of a romantic partner, it sets a bad precedent. Some people will take that as a sign that you care more about your previous partner than the current one. That can definitely cause a fight, and it will lead to bad outcomes for your partner. 

Another major issue that tattoos can cause in terms of relationships is those that hint that you were involved in a form of violence in the past. People do not want to be associated with a person that has a violent past, and wearing tattoos that insinuate that you were, could make it so your current date could never take you home to meet their parents!

Finally, there is another element to think about when you are getting a tattoo, with the best tattoo machine kit out there, in terms of the impact on your date. After all, they can’t be negative. You can get shared body art with a partner that will make them feel happy and connected to you. Often, people will get tattoos that are similar to one another. Popular choices are puzzle pieces, king and queen inscriptions, and the date you started going out with your partner. These are some of the options you have when you are getting a partner’s tattoo, and those options can be the difference between a good relationship and a tattoo that comes back to bite you later on in life. 

Is There a Perfect Age to Get a Tattoo?

There are many different ideas about the perfect age to get a tattoo for a person. Some sources believe that there is never a bad age for that. When you turn 18, and you get the first control over your decisions in your life, there might not be any more fun way to celebrate that than by getting a tattoo. However, a large number of people who have multiple tattoos have said that they regret getting a tattoo—upwards of 75 percent, in fact!

Another thing to remember is that many people get their first body art at a very young age. In fact, 40% of people get their first tattoo at the age of 18 or under. That means people without the proper development of their minds can get a tattoo and regret it in the future. 

All told, there seems to be a correlation between people who get their first tattoo at a young age and those who regret getting tattoos. However, people make better choices with their tattoos as they get older. 

There are legal and personal ages that are proper for people to get tattoos. People have continually argued over the right age to get a good tattoo and whether the type of it they get matters. Studies show that people tend to regret the tattoos they get while they’re young, and some of these pictures or inscriptions are going to have an impact on your romantic outcomes. With that in mind, always try to make sure that you select a tattoo that you won’t regret in the future! 

what is the right age to get your first tattoo

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