5 Best Celebrity Tattoos We Love

Tattoos are gaining popularity with great swiftness. Especially among celebrities, because this is not only a way of self-expression but also part of the image. Many stars on the body have images that many do not even know about. Sometimes these are compositions with a deep and intricate meaning that only their owners can explain. Let’s get acquainted with some star tattoos closer.

Tattoos of Miley Cyrus

The leading woman in the series “Hannah Montana” believes that a tattoo is not just a drawing, but an opportunity to show all secret feelings, discover new abilities in oneself and protect oneself from unfriendly and negative looks.

Miley has 18 tattoos, and each of them carries its own special meaning. Under the left breast of the actress there was a tattoo with the inscription: “Just breathe” – this is a kind of installation for fighting under any circumstances and continuing life. But the image on the ankle in the form of an OM symbol allows the actress to discover new talents and develop spiritually. Among Miley Cyrus tattoos are the word “Love” on the inside of the right ear and a heart on the fingers of the right hand.

Rihanna Tattoos

Today, the work of the singer Rihanna is known throughout the world. Bright appearance, graceful style, and undeniable talent – all this is hidden in one beautiful girl. The body designs of the pop singer do not go unnoticed.

Rihanna claims that all the images mean a lot to her, and she is very dependent on applying new tattoos. Enumerating the singer’s tattoo, it is impossible not to pay attention to the scattering of stars of various sizes, passing from neck to back. Another attractive tattoo is a skull with a bow on the girl’s ankle. And to express her boundless love for music, the singer depicted a musical key and a note on the outer part of her right leg.

Rihanna is very fond of the sphere of her activities, and therefore all the images are inextricably linked with the music and work of the singer. The last image to date has been made in the form of the inscription: “Any failure is always a lesson” in the reverse order so that it can be read in the mirror.

The Tattoos of David Beckham

The famous football player David Beckham has more than 20 tattoos, each of which carries its own special meaning not only for David but also for his entire family. The most important is a tattoo named after his wife Victoria, which is made in Hindi on the left hand just above the wrist. This tattoo consists of 4 parts. The amazing thing about tattoos is that in Hindi there is no word of the same name as the football player’s wife. So in order to nevertheless fulfill the plan, we had to portray different parts, which in translation will mean a single word – Victoria.

The number 7 is placed on the right hand of a football star since under this number he stands for his Manchester United team. On the back of David Beckham, there are several tattoos at once – a cross tattoo on the neck, a guardian angel, around which are the names of his sons, and the football player has three of them.

Tattoos of Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Anna Daddario is an American actress, whose popularity brought a series of films about Percy Jackson. The celebrity admits that she went to her childhood dream for a long time and hard, first appearing only in episodes of soap operas.

She knew that the television series did not often manage to make a career in Hollywood, but she believed in her luck and was right.

Angelina Jolie Tattoos

Many girls copy the tattoos of their favorite celebrities, however, the body of this actress is more inspirational than serves as a reference. For example, the coordinates of the places where her children were born (left forearm) and the husband, now a former one.

In general, Angelina prefers symbolism. Under the elbow of the right hand is the Arabic inscription “Purposefulness”, on the right wrist – the letter “M” in memory of the mother, and on the left – “N” in honor of the brother. Under the elbow of the left hand is the Chinese character “Courage”, and at the bottom of the back is a Bengal tiger, a symbol of strength, and courage. It’s also quite amazing that tattoos can be a permanent one, and, in case you are not sure about it, a temporary tattoo that is made with henna with the best henna kits out there.

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