Why Beards And Tattoos Make You More Attractive

Have you always wondered why beards and tattoos make you more attractive? You are not the only one asking the same question because there are many men out there who are looking for answers to the question.

And to let you know how powerful the combo can be, we have made some research to find out some of the reasons why rocking a well-maintained beard, and having ink on your body can make all the difference.

Reasons Why Beards and Tattoos Are Attractive

Rocking a beard has always been a sign of virility and this has been as back as the Egyptian pharaohs of French commanders. Now, it has become a symbol of manliness because it helps to add some touch to your outlook.

On the other hand, rocking an ink (tattoo) on your body can also add some new touches to the glamorous look that comes with the beard.

These two can be the only features you need to prove your masculine vibe. Now, read on to discover some of the reasons why beards and tattoos make you more attractive.

Reason #1: Beards and Tattoos Intimidate Rivals

You may find this quite absurd but where there is a competition, a guy spotting a shiny beard with an artistic tattoo can be the one to hold the trump card.

Having beards and tattoos (and keeping them neat too) can be one of the salient strategies for silencing the competition.

Reason #2: You Can Use Beards and Tattoos to Compete for Romantic Attention

If you find yourself struggling for romantic attention, it will be in your favor to spot beards and tattoos.

Many women have a soft spot for men who have these attributes. It might also interest you to know that women have already associated men rocking beards with sincerity, confidence, and generosity.

On the other hand, some women find men who have inks (tattoos) on their bodies to be more dominant, more aggressive, healthier, and more masculine.

And if you are the type of man that fits into the perception of those with tattoos (as mentioned above), it can be a powerful signal to the woman you love that you are the right one for her.

Reason #3: Beards and Tattoos Help You Break the Ice

Are you the shy type? Do you want to always be on your own rather than being in the public?

Of course, there will always come a time when you may find yourself “in the public eye” and if you are not careful how you handle it, you may become the joke of the moment.

That is why men that lack confidence and who want to get attention go the extra mile to get a tattoo. You may want to go for minimalist tattoos, such as those showing the birds you love and the language you speak, a temporary tattoo with a henna kit, or even start practicing tattooing yourself, with beginner tattoo kits with practice skin.

You can be sure that when you invent these tattoo types and come out in the public, they will be a good way to spike up interest in people and from there, conversations will start. Of course, you will be in charge of the conversations because the conversations will revolve around your tattoos.

Beards and Tattoos Make You Attractive

You can now see that the combination of a well-trimmed and shiny beard and a carefully selected tattoo can be one of the many ways to send unconscious positive messages to the admirers out there.

And indeed, beards and tattoos go together like peanut butter and jelly and you should consider getting one.

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